Glasses Galore

After months of suffering really bad headaches and severe eye strain I decided it was time to get my eyes checked out, my appointment was not until 2015 but there was no way I would be waiting that long. It was a good job I followed my gut instinct as I am apparently long sighted and do need glasses! When I was younger I had to wear glasses pretty much for the whole day and it wasn't fun, wearing them at school as in them days wearing glasses was a "geek" thing and it wasn't cool to wear them. It became quite difficult as you got the odd phrase or word thrown in your face about your glasses which actually hurt on various occasions. Does this still happen in schools? Or now they seem to be a fashion item has it all blown away?

Both of these pairs of glasses are from Specsavers, they are very basic and similar you could say the typical geek glasses. The blue pair were £85 and the brown ones were £65 I believe, but they currently have a 2 for 1 offer on which makes it such a huge saving!!

I don't really think my glasses will pop up in any of my posts but I just thought I would share with you my new goggles and the struggles I went through wearing them when I was at school.

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