Casual but Chic

 Jacket:George at Asda*,T-shirt:h&m, Legings: River Island, Trainers: Vans*,  
Bag: Accessorize, Necklace: New Look 

I am not really the one to make much of an effort on a day to day basis at university *slaps wrists* I tend to get up last minute before my lectures so I just throw on the first thing that I can find. By about 3ish you will find me back in my pjs being very lazy and a slob writing essays hidden away in my room, it is not very fun and entertaining.

I love this army style jacket, the first time I saw them was at Leeds Festival two year ago and was so tempted to pick one up but didn't - something which I immediately regretted once back home. My mum got this one at George in Asda around April 2013 and wrapped it up for my birthday. I like how it is very lightweight, it can easily be layered up or just worn on a cool Summers day *sighs*. They are not in the shops anymore and you don't tend to see anyone wear them anymore but I am going out of my comfort zone and I still wear mine as I love it so much. 

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