Keep it Casual

 Blazer: Primark, Top: Dorothy Perkins, Jeans: New Look, Shoes: New Look, Necklace: Primark, Bracelets: Thomas Sabo, Primark, Bag: Accessorize

It is going to be one of them weekends where the weather is miserable and you do not want to get out your pj's and venture outside. It may be payday for many out there but you don't have to splash the cash on a night out, save yourself from the freezing cold nights walking from club to club and stick to somewhere nice and warm like the cinema or maybe bowling?! Spice up your casual outfit a bit with a cute little blazer and some jewellery, you can look just as glamorous without having to put a lot of effort into it if your in one of them lazy moods (which is me usually). Hope you all enjoy your weekend xx

February Wishlist

I thought I would do something a little bit different today than what I usually do to change things around on the blog. It is now time to start thinking about adding some new spring/summer pieces into your wardrobe, I have been loving internet window shopping (can you even call it that?) Here are a few key items that could possibly be finding their ways into my hands and also my make up bag. 

As you can see, I do have a slight obsession with skirts at the minute, I have not really been one for wearing them as I feel my body is not really the perfect shape to pull them off however who can say no to the asymmetric skirts which seem to be very big this season. What is not to like about them, they come in a variety of pastel shades, are quirky and can be teamed with just a t-shirt or a thin knitted jumper for the cooler days. 

This River Island bag is something I have been eying up for a very long time, it is not just this one but the new season ones which are all pastel colours, they look so pretty. I never get around to buying one of these as I don't have the odd £40 to just purchase a new bag, but one day!!

Also on my wishlist is a few products from Benefit, as you will all know when I went to Liverpool at the weekend I had my eyebrows done at their counter with this Browzing and I absolutely loved it, it created such a perfect shape which I have not been able to do with the Mac brow pencils I have. The sun beam I feel would be a perfect contender to brighten up my face a little bit on my cheekbones and across the t-line as my face is beginning to look a little dull. The Nars cosmetics I have pictured are just something that I would like to try, I have never owned anything from this brand before and thought these products are popular with bloggers.

A very cold day - Not enough layers

 Coat: Topshop, Top: Hollister, Leggings: River Island, Converse: Schuh, Bag: Accessorize

It was one of them days today that instant regret hit me when I stepped outside, I really did not have enough layers on for how cold it was! I love this Hollister top, my sister got me it a couple of years ago for Christmas, it has to be the only item I own from there as I find their items are far too small for me. It is very lightweight and does not keep you warm at all, it is something you want to throw on with some denim shorts over the summer. 

I have a little confession I have to make, it has become clear to me that my outfit posts are all the same, I stand in the same place infront of the boring cream wall and stand in the same position all the time without smiling!! After looking at my images from Liverpool on Sunday it made me aware that images look a lot prettier with a nice backdrop being me, a bit more colour and warmth. Unfortunately it is very tricky being at University, and in third year with the amount of work I have to do, and also living in a very small town where there isn't that many interesting places to go. I will try my very best to get a couple of outfit posts outside :) xx

Favourite Perfumes

Today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite perfumes I own, which is quite a few. I love to own a range of them as it is really nice to be able to decide which you would prefer to wear on a day to day basis. A couple of the perfumes are what I tend to pick a lot as they are a lot cheaper than the others so I can afford to replace them again and again.

I have got to say that the two most favourite ones here are the Vivienne Westwood Cheeky Alice which I have been wanting to get for quite a number of years but never actually got round to it, luckily this Christmas my boyfriend got me it. Then the other is the Marc Jacobs Lola, it is so pretty, you can literally stare at the bottle for hours with how exquisite the design is. This has been on my shelve for just over two years now, my sister got me it for my 18th birthday and I don't like to use it a lot as I just don't want it to run out.

Has anyone tried these perfumes or any other of the Marc Jacobs collections? I would love to hear your thoughts. xx

The Sunday Post: Liverpool

Yesterday me and the boyfriend ventured to Liverpool for the afternoon, it was meant to be for the day but we didn't wake up until 11am, oops! We set off in lovely blue skies, the next thing we know we were driving along the motorway at 20mph as the heavens had opened, it was fairly scary to be honest you literally could not see a thing.

I absolutely love Liverpool, I think it is so good for shopping, they seem to have a lot of other products in their stores which you cannot find in other cities and towns which is pretty cool. They have a massive Forever 21 store which opened just under a year ago, it has four floors full of really pretty clothes and it is so cheap as well. I must have spent about an hour in there just picking up every item they had. 

Another store which stood out for me was Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar store in the Liverpool One section (3 floors must I say), it really is a girls dream, just one shop filled with different make up brands from Mac, Bare Minerals, Nars and Benefit where I had my eyebrows done with the Browzing product. I loved the shape the girl had created, I just now need to invest in a few new brushes and products.

I have one small tip if you ever go to Liverpool, and that is to take a little bit of time out from shopping and head over to the docks, it really is so pretty! I must recommend you going over when it has just turned dark as it is so romantic, with the fairy lights on the trees, the orange street lights and the wheel lit in the background. There are some fancy restaurants hidden away along with a few quirky shops. Do dress up warm as it is really windy!! xx

Get your glad rags on

Dress:Pull & Bear, Clutch, Kardashian Kollection at Dorothy Perkins, Heels: Topshop, Bracelets: Thomas Sabo 

Apologies before I start writing about this outfit, the images seem to be really poor quality, I did take them using my SLR camera and have edited the images so the lighting looks correct but they seem to look quite grainy and a bit yellow which is strange and something which I cannot change which is annoying! Maybe it is time to invest in some photography lighting.

I absolutely love this dress, I got it just under a year ago for my birthday of my mum, another one of them items I found and told her I wanted or should I say would have liked. I do love a good bodycon dress, however it means that all lumps and bumps you have will be on show, which made me quite wary but I think the thickness of the fabric sucks me in. What is also good about this dress is the black paneling down the side to create an illusion bringing you in at the waist and showing off your curves. 

Put on your favourite heels- you might want to add a splash of colour with yours or keep it simple with a black pair, then add as much or as little jewellery as you wish and a clutch bag. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and have fun whatever you have planned. xx

No.7 Intense Volume Mascara

A few weeks back my trusted mascara had finally run out *sobs* I had been a little lazy as I should have really replaced it a good few weeks before I did as it felt really dry when applying it to my eyelashes. For a good few years I have been swapping and changing the Maybelline Colossal mascaras and the one I had been using recently is the Volum' Express 100% black, I love it so much it makes my lashes look longer than what they actually are, and I can build up the thickness with a lot of layers.

I thought I would test out a new brand and having a No.7 £3 off make up voucher I thought I would try out one of their mascaras, and it came out a little cheaper than the Maybelline one. They had a lot to choose from and I was probably stood around that counter for a good 10 minutes trying to decide, but eventually I picked out the Intense Volume in Black.

Now, I really should give my honest opinion here, it is a good mascara the brush is actually nicely spaced out compared to the Maybelline one which has a lot more bristles making it thicker, this makes my eyelashes a little more spaced out but they do tend to clump a little together. On the plus side it makes them look a lot longer than what they are.

I do feel that I could be a little bit too used to the Maybelline one and the change in them is quite different. For me to use a lot of layers of mascara at once is not quite possible with the No.7 one as it does dry quite quickly, however not everyone will wear so much of it as once so I do think that this mascara will be really good for many people. I am going to persist with it and see how we get on, if anyone else has tried this mascara then I would love to know your thoughts.

Dash of Pink

Blazer: River Island, Top: Next, Jeans: New Look, Shoes: New Look, Necklace: Primark, Bracelet: Pandora, Bag: Kardashia Kollection at Dorothy Perkins

This morning I had to venture across the Pennines back to University after an amazing week which you can read about here on my Sunday Post. Setting off at 9am to not get back until 12pm is a long journey; a car, two trains and a bus with a suitcase, extremely heavy handbag and another bag is not very fun. I shouldn't really moan it was for a good cause. 

I got changed as soon as I got back to uni as I wanted to freshen up, I have recently become a fan of wearing jeans after years of just living in leggings day after day. These from New Look are a very soft fabric so they are quite stretchy and forgiving after eating a huge meal, they are not quite a jegging but not quite a jean fabric (weird!). They are high wasted which was what made me get them, I am extremely fussy when it comes to low rise trousers/jeans etc I hate them with a passion I just don't feel comfortable wearing them. 

To dress them up a little bit I wore my sparkly white vest top, I love how it is quite baggy, it's just so comfortable. I teamed this with the most gorgeous pink blazer I picked up in the sales over the Summer, it is so pretty and girly and just perfect! I wore my gold necklace too as I felt the outfit looked a little bit bare around the top area otherwise.

The Sunday Post

It is Sunday again, this weekend really has gone far too quick, and I guess the saying: time flies when your having fun, really is correct!

What a week it has been, such an amazing one for me personally, it started off fairly boring doing uni work and lectures. It has become very real that I am in my final year as I have just applied for my first job *eek*, it really is an exciting time.

However in the early hours of Friday morning my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, he is super cute and very tiny. I am going to keep all the other information private but I just had to share the exciting news with you all (mother and baby and doing really well!)

My blogging has been all over the place for this reason and this is a rather short Sunday post (I'm sure you can all let me off) as I am going to go give my little nephew lots of cuddles before I have to go home *sad face*.

I hope you have all had a fabulous week xx

The Gym isn't so Scary

We are well into January now and we are still suffering the post Christmas blues, not forgetting all those resolutions of diets and a health kick after the amount of cakes and alcohol consumed over the festive period.

It may sound a lot of hard work but I can honestly say it doesn't have to be, I'm no professional by any means but it really is so easy. I joined the gym around November last year as well as being part of the University Netball team, I was so scared I had never entered a gym before, used weights and I felt a little scared of all the guys who basically are in there for hours building up their muscles.

I just walked straight over to one of the female staff members and explained my situation and I booked a personal training session to learn what is the right equipment for me and how long to use them. I only go three days a week with two of them being personal training sessions, and I tend to last about 45 minutes to an hour, after four weeks I did notice a difference with my body.

When it comes to food, I do not stick to a strict diet whats the point it is not fun! I make healthy but proper meals with added vegetables and fruit for afterwards, and I have completely cut out snacking in between meals which was my downfall. But on a weekend I do allow myself a few cheeky treats like chocolate. Plus it is all about water, you really cannot get enough of it, it helps flush out any toxins in your system and your skin feels a lot more replenished.

You have to stick at it, don't give up it can be fun, get yourself a gym buddy, create yourself a playlist which makes you feel motivated. AND finally it is an excuse to take yourself shopping, get some gym clothes they come in all bright colours and fancy patterns - h&m have a brilliant sports section, I have got all my stuff from there. When it comes to trainers spend a little more than what you would like to get a quality pair, I am currently in love with Nike Free runs but they are a little bit pricey.

Girls a top tip of mine - buy a sports bra!

Step Out From The Crowd

Dress: Ribbon at Bank, Clutch: Accessorize, Boots: New Look, Ring: Primark, Bracelets: Pandora & Thomas Sabo

This dress is what I picked up in the January sales which I did a full post on and can be seen here. I have not actually had a night out to wear it yet but thought it would be really fun to do it as an outfit post for you all, its so comfy and made me want to go out partying.

I don't own any swing dresses in my wardrobe, probably because I feel they are unflattering for me, making me look bigger as it just drops down, there is no shape to it at all. I bought it in a bigger size so that it is a more oversized dress and floats a little better. Perfect for when you feel a little bloated from the amount of food you have consumed in the day and the amount of alcohol in there. 

Normally when picking dresses I tend to stick with greys and blacks for a night out - very dull and boring. But it was the colours which caught my eye, it just seemed very different than what I have seen in all the shops, I'm always embarrassed when I go out and see someone in the same dress as me, it has happened before and it was not fun. 

I wore my chunky ankle boots, which would look lovely with the little ankle socks with the frill just poking above the boot. I am not one for over accessorizing (which is strange for the amount of jewellery I own)I just put on my Thomas Sabo and Pandora bracelets and a flowery ring.

It would look perfect if you curl your hair and do a smokey eye look and you are good to go :) Hope this is helpful if your stuck on an outfit for your nights out. Enjoy your weekend xx

Mac Magnetic Nudes - Fairly Precious

Another product to add to my ever growing collection of Mac cosmetics, doesn't it just look so pretty? The pattern is far too nice to get my blusher brush on and ruin it. 

I am a very lucky girl to have my boyfriend buy me this after he won a bet the other day, and he took me shopping again! He must be the only guy who enjoys going shopping and will pick out pieces for me.

I originally went to the Mac counter in Selfridges to look at the Mineralise Skinfinish section as I had previously seen a really lovely range of quite deep pink tones swirled into one another creating a beautiful shimmering blusher (I didn't even take down the name), unfortunately the staff said it was either their Christmas stock or limited edition *sad face*. I wanted to try and find a very similar product rather than go for a matte base which is my preferred choice.

My eyes were suddenly drawn to a new collection which has just been brought out called the Magnetic Nudes, and what better products to use to brighten up a dull winters day with all the glimmering metallics and nude colours. They are just so pretty *heart eye'd emoji*. I picked up the Extra Dimension Skinfinish highlighter in Fairly Precious, the metallic copper colour is perfect for my skin tone, it is just so neutral and warm. Even though it is a highlighter if your fair skinned like me then you can build up the colour to make it a bronzer which I have done and it really does work well and look so pretty. 

I am a little baffled as to why the description of this product is a liquid-powder highlighter, I'm not quite sure where the liquid part comes into it but you cannot really complain about that as the product is amazing.

The collection includes; eye shadows, lipsticks, lip glosses and blushes. This highlighter was £22 which I don't feel is too bad for a product from Mac, it is a fairly decent size. Has anyone else tried this Magnetic Nudes and fallen straight in love with it? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Check Mate

Cardigan: Topshop, Shirt: h&m, Leggings: Topshop, Converse: Office, Necklace: Primark, Bracelet: Pandora, Bag: Accessorize

So I asked you guys what you wanted to see today and you picked an outfit post. I have never teamed these items together before I just decided to experiment to get new looks for a change and I actually love how it works. I hardly ever wear my converse which is a shame, however I don't like to wear them when it rains which is pretty much 90% of the time in Britain as they might get ruined, hence them being so clean and bright white, I do love the look of Converse which have been worn and grubby. This will be another challenge to add to this year!

I love the look of wearing converse with either shiny or leather leggings adding that casual feel to an outfit. I teamed them up with my checked shirt I got for Christmas which I cannot get enough of its so comfy, then I placed my knitted cardigan over the top seen as it was a little bit frosty outside. I was not sure on what I thought of the look at first, but I just carried on wearing it and actually became to love it. My headband is actually a necklace I picked up in Primark a couple of months ago I think it was like £2.50, it is made with gold beads on quite a thick elastic twisting round to give the swirly (is that even a word?) pattern. So I experimented and turned it into a headband, but I don't think I will be rocking this much as I hate my hair scraped back off my face, just one of those personal opinions of myself.

p.s. I look so miserable in my pictures, I hate looking directly into the camera so hence not smiling.

Night of Pampering

Sorry for the lateness of this post *slaps the back of my hand* I have had a full day of lectures and then caught a train home for a few days which will be really nice and a much deserved break. 

Last night I decided to have a little pamper session by myself, it was the first night I had to actually relax in a while and I felt my face needed some TLC after the amount of make up I have piled on it over the past month. It had become really dry and damaged so a face mask and lots of night cream was in mind. I picked up a couple of these mud masks from the supermarket the other day, they are so cheap which is amazing, I think I paid around £1 for them - perfect if you are on a budget like me at the minute. It really is so good at how quick the masks work, and I want to try and keep on top of doing face masks regularly.

What a better way to accompany a face mask with drinking wine, eating a cupcake with candles lit around, giving a peaceful and calming atmosphere.