What I picked up in the Sales

Skirt: Lipsy for Next, £25. Blazer: River Island, £25. Dress: Bank, £15. Top: Next, £7. Bag: Accessorize, £21.

What a better way to finish the Christmas holidays than hitting those sales and spending all your hard earned money or if you were lucky enough to get some for Christmas. I did not actually venture anywhere on Boxing Day so you could say I missed all the best deals, but I picked up some pretty good bargains if you ask me. I think it is the first time I have actually found something in the sales I usually end up picking something full price instead.

This bag I got today is from Accessorize, they actually had a lot of bags left to choose from which shocked me but I saw this on their website a couple of days ago and prayed it would be in store when I went to York today.

I did get a onesie from Next which is cream and has such a soft fur hood, however it is very tricky and quite unflattering to photograph. If anyone has also done a post on what they found in the sales I would love to have a look :) xx

What I Got For Christmas 2013

Is it just me who is trying to hold onto Christmas still? We are still in the 12 days period before all the decorations have to be taken down, so I guess I can do this post 'What I got for Christmas'. I will start with a little disclaimer that I understand that this is not something everyone might enjoy reading and that is completely fine by me, I am in no ways showing off at what I got, I hope that there is plenty people like me love having a nosy at what people got. *slaps wrists*

Also apologies for the poor quality of photos, I have been at work all day and it was pretty dark outside and only had my iPhone on hand so they are quite grainy images however, I was far too excited for this post today.  

I really have been one lucky girl this Christmas and I cannot thank family/friends enough for what they chose for me. The two checked shirts I chose myself on a quick shopping trip with my mum, they are both exactly the same style and are such a bargain for around £7.99ish at h&m. They also got me a hard drive which is what I have been after for most of this year as I need extra back up for my dissertation and all the photos I take. My boyfriend picked some amazing gifts with the Mac foundation, Cheeky Alice perfume in the image below which I have had my eye on for a good few years, probably because it has my name in it. He also picked out this cream biker jacket from New Look which is the cosiest and comfiest things to put on and goes with everything I wear. The best thing of all is my Pandora bracelet and charm, it really such an amazing gift, that alone would have been more than enough for me, it is so pretty and delicate. 

All these other gifts are from my parents, sisters and other family members. Every year my mum makes me and my sisters a toiletries bag which is such a great idea, these are the things everyone needs and products which always run out, so it is perfect for taking back to university with me. I am also getting back into reading with the Hunger Games books, I can have a glass of wine and eat some chocolates in the process. 

I hope you liked having a gander at what I got, I am very grateful for my gifts. If anyone else has done a 'What I Got For Christmas' post then let me know I would love to see it xx

No.7 High Shine Lip Crayon in Tickle

Yes this has happened, I have purchased a brand new lip product which is a colour I have not tried before, 2014 has got off to a flying start. Pretty much every beauty brand out there have brought out a new product over the past year which is a lip crayon, the texture is a mixture of a lip gloss and lipstick. 

This one is a No.7 high shine intense Lip Crayon in Tickle, which has a very orange tone to it but once applied it has a natural tone with a tiny hint of orange. There are four colours to choose from however Boots website are only showing two, probably because they are new products. All four lip crayons look very shimmery on the stick, but once on the lips it looks quite soft, natural and non sticky which is a huge bonus. You can build up the intensity of the colour and shimmer to go from a day to a night look.

They are only £9 which is amazing if you compare them to the higher brands, when placed next to a tester of a Clinique chubby sticks they look identical and they are £17. I am not saying that you should not go out and buy a Clinique one as they do have a wider range of colours and are also very pretty, but if you are on a lower budget the N0.7 is a perfect dupe. I may have to go back and get some more colours as beauty at No.7 at Boots is currently but one get 2nd half price. xx

Happy New Year

So I haven't really thought about a blog post today, this past week has been extremely busy going across country seeing different relatives. However it should not be an excuse.

It is only a short post today wishing you all a very happy New Year, I hope 2014 will be amazing for you all.  I haven't made any resolutions, I only tend to make one or two a year and never stick to them so I thought there's no point making any this year. I am however going to stick to my health routine, eating my veg and actually going to the gym. Yes this happened at the end of 2013!

Hope you all had a fun evening seeing in the New Year xxx

Bloggers Inspirations

2013 has been a pretty good year for me, a lot of exciting things happened in my personal life and it was the start to Adventures of Wonderland (happy me). I wanted something fun and different away from University work, and the idea of creating a blog to hopefully inspire others on topics I am so passionate about makes me happy. 

My goals next year is improve Adventures of Wonderland with the design and ideas to new posts (which I have many and cannot wait I have sooo much I want to expand on). With only writing AOF (does that sound silly?) for just under a month I am still learning and experimenting with what looks and sounds good or what needs changing. Maybe, just maybe I might start looking into setting up a YouTube channel, it really does look fun to do, but it is one thing at a time. 

I would not have been here if it wasn't for being inspired by many other bloggers/vloggers out there. I can literally spend hours reading fashion tips and new beauty products worth trying. 

LLYMLRS (Lily Melrose) and Dolly Bow Bow were the first bloggers I ever came across, I read about Lily in the Company Magazine, I think it was the first ever time I purchased this magazine. I love her adversity of her styles of fashion and the quirky looks she just throws together. From then on I discovered Kate who is the writer of Dolly Bow Bow, and it was from her blog I discovered YouTube played a major part in a bloggers life. I literally sat for hours watching her videos on hair tutorials to a clothes haul.

After clicking away I found loads of bloggers which guided me to the path I am on now:
Hello October by Suzie - she is a must to follow. I actually should give her all the credit for me finding my perfect foundation, if it wasn't for Suzie to write such a positive post on Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation I wouldn't have taken the plunge to try it out myself. So thank you :) 

Zoella It was her youtube channel I discovered first, once again it was the hair and make up tutorials and the fashion hauls. She is such a happy person and very bubbly, and her passion for her blogging/vlogging really does shine through.

Tanya Burr She seems such a lovely person, always has a smile on her face and once again very passionate about what she does. It was only this month that I came across her YouTube channel and what a better videos to start watching than vlogmas. I am really looking forward to going back and watching all her other videos as I see there are make-up and hair tutorials again! 

Sprinkle of Glitter It is thanks to Zoella that I have discovered Louise's channel and blog, and it has only been in the past couple of weeks. I have had a quick look over other videos she has uploaded beauty being the main subject (happy me), I am just looking forward to seeing more of her in the new year. I have to add the videos of Louise and Zoella together are hilarious so you must check them out! I also admire them for taking on difficult subjects to try give their advice or how they have coped in the past, under their chummy chatter videos. 

I Covet Thee Alix's blog and youtube channel was another I have been reading and watching for a couple of years now, her passion for beauty has got me hooked, and I immediately want to go out and try the products out for myself. Not to mention her love of bright lipsticks, this has been one product which I would not go near but with the advice on certain colours for skin tones in her videos has left me feeling so much braver to try a few. 

I would just also like to mention one other blog Danni Saw This, it is written by someone called Danielle (she happens to be my sister) but it really is inspiring. She is a graphic designer/advertiser and she loves a little quirkiness which definitely shines through on her blog, her posts always puts a smile on my face. 

I cannot wait to find more of you lovely bloggers out there xxx

Whats in my Make - Up Bag

So I thought I would give you guys an insight into what is currently in my make up bag, and really this could also be named as my favourite make up products of 2013, as these are what I am loving a lot this year. Quite a few of the products have literally been added in the past couple of weeks but there was no way these were not to be included in this post, how I have not coped without them for literally a whole year is beyond me. 

It was only last week when I discovered this bargain! We were doing our Christmas food shop and I happened to walk down the Beauty isle in Asda to find the Real Techniques brushes at literally half the price than any store, this I could not walk away from. I placed the Powder, Blusher, Eye Shadow and the Expert Face Brush into the trolley, and how happy I am that I did. They are just so soft to use, I love them.

One product I have just purchased is the Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer, I apply this before all my make up, and what a difference it makes. It gives my face a smoother base to place the foundation on top, and my make up stays on perfectly the whole day. Why have I not tried this before??

The Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in Vanilla is amazing, it is the perfect shade for my skin, I have never found such an incredible match before. For most of the year I had been using the Rimmel London Match Perfection in Classic Ivory, however this has quite an oily complexion and still a bit dark for my skin tone, but out of all the other foundations I had tried this was the best one. I found that it wore off after half a day and would have to reapply it if necessary. 

My boyfriend got me the Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC20 for Christmas and its amazing!!! Once again a perfect match for my skin tone, it is quite a thick substance so you don't need to apply a lot but it stays on the whole day. It is quite pricey so I tend to swap and change with the Revlon foundation. 

I apply the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer before and after using the foundation depending on how bad my skin and under eye circles are. Then the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Warm Beige just to keep the bit of shine away and to keep my foundation stay on longer. 

Pretty much all the time I don't do much with my eyes except for lather on the mascara as my eyelashes are that small you can never see them, its so annoying, I use the Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara. I tend to go for liquid eyeliner to get a more define line, and flick (which I have to say I am getting better at), I use Collection Extreme Felt Tip liner. If I want to add a bit of eye shadow, which this Christmas has been most days then I have reached for my new Mac shadow in Mythology Lustre. For my eyebrows I swap between the Veluxe Brow Liner in Brunette and the self propelling crayon in Brunette, it just depends how much definition I want to go and if I want to go quite dark or more natural.

I use any of the products above, maybe some days I use a mixture of them all which actually looks really nice. Some days if I want to look more natural then I will use Benefit Hoola it is more subtle, but then other I want a bit of sparkle and a pink tone I use Benefit Bella Bamba. The Mac bronzer is beautiful, it is a mixture of both bronzer and blusher and perfect for my skin tone. I actually cannot quite remember what this is called, so when I look back I will place it on here. 
Where would I be without my Limited Edition Mac Mineralize Skinfinsh? I have had this for so many years, it was my first expensive make up product I ever bought and from Harrods! I am so sad that I cannot get this any more it is amazing. The little bit of highlighter at the top has almost gone and this is my favourite part of the product. I am going to have to go back to Mac and see what similar products they have. 

I hope you enjoyed what was in my make up bag, it doesn't change that much on a daily basis. I would recommend all these products to anyone! xxx