New Look, New Year

So today I had that spur of a moment feeling to dye my hair. I had been umm-ing and ahh-ing it for a a while now, whether to put the ombre back into it, go darker or maybe go lighter, but in the end I just gave up as I really could not decide or be bothered to go buy some. 

But over coffee today with my sister we had a short discussion on whether I should cut my hair shorter as I am a little bored of it or for a cheap option change the colour of it, within 10 minutes we had gone from Costa to queuing up in Boots with a box of dye in my hand. 

I bought the Garnier Olia- permanent hair colour in 4.35 Dark Chocolate Brown; it is a rich brown colour with a warm red tone to it. My natural hair colour is quite a dull, medium brown with little bits of blonde on the end from when I did it ombre over the summer. The dye is oil powered with no amonia, it has no difference in the way you put it in your hair, however I do feel my hair is fresher, healthier and more shiny. The best thing about this dye is that there is no smell to it, normally you get a very powerful, potent small which leaves you gasping for air, but with Garnier Olia it is smell free.

I absolutely love it, and now I have a new look for New Years Eve which will be good :)

p.s Apologies for the poor quality photos, I did this when it was getting a bit dark and only had my iPhone on hand.  xx

Sweet Traditions

It's Christmas Eve :) and what a better way to fill it, is by baking and wrapping.

For the past few years I have kind of started my own tradition = baking mince pies. It is really fun and they are super easy to make, they are not as sugary as the ones you buy in the store which I kind of prefer. I guess you could say they are savory rather than sweet. I put my own spin on it and use puff pastry just so they go a little crispier and flaky, makes them look homemade. They look a little messy but I think it makes them look more tasty.

Then the rest of my day was spent wrapping presents and seeing my boyfriend to give each other the gifts we bought each other. Now my night is to go through all these to try and see if I can guess what is under the wrapping paper. Naughty!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and enjoy time with your family! :) xxx

DIY : How to Make a Christmas Sack

So today I am going to be doing something a little different, I know we are pretty close to Christmas but if you would like get creative and make something special for a family member or friend, then here is how to make your own sack.

What you will need:
Some fancy fabric, I have gone for Tartan
A big piece of hessian fabric
Some lining
Sewing Machine 
Tape Measure 

 Step by Step guide 

Open up your fabric and place is neatly on the floor and fold in half, make sure all the edges meet each other and it is flat. Then place your presents on top of the fabric so you can see how big the bag needs to be. Then mark this with some pins, it will either be a square or rectangular shape. Then get some scissors and cut carefully out your shape straightly.   You may need an adult to help you. 

This is where it gets a little complicated. Get the lining and place it flat on the floor making sure it has been folded in half, place the hessian on top so that you know how much lining to cut out. However at the top of the sack you need some tartan fabric for the fold. You can decide how much tartan you would like (or other fabric of your choice) then with the top of the hessian, fold how much you do not need of lining. (I hope this makes sense.) Cut out your lining carefully and neatly. 

Get your tartan fabric and make sure it is flat and folded in half, then measure how much hessian you have not used to be covered with lining and cut out the tartan. Make sure that you cut it slightly bigger than what you need across the top.

Where the folds on the fabric are you need to cut along these, so that you are left with two pieces of each fabric.

Pin the top part of your tartan to the top part of the lining and then sew them together using the sewing machine, leaving a 5cm gap from the edge. There may be a guide by the foot and needle on the machine to help you get this right.

Whilst sewing take the pins out as you go along otherwise you could damage your machine. Then do exactly the same with the lining and the tartan you have left.

Once you have done it, open out the tartan and lining and it should look like this in the image above.

Get both pieces of lining with the tartan and pin around both sides of the fabric making sure your tartan is at the top. The right side of the fabric should be facing each other on the inside.

You then need to sew down each side of the fabric once again leaving 5cm at the edges, once you are ready to sew the bottom of the lining leave a biggish gap for a bit later on.

You then need to sew around three edges of your hessian fabric leaving 5cm at the edges again!

For the next stage it gets a little complicated again. You need to get the hessian fabric you have just stitched and make sure that the outside is on the inside, then do exactly the same with you lining.

Then place the hessian bag inside the lining (it may be slightly bigger in height but this is fine). Make sure that the bag is open and around the edges at the top of the hessian and the tartan/lining you need to pin the pieces together. Make sure that you have not pinned it shut!

Now on the sewing machine you need to stitch around the top of the hessian and the tartan so that they are now together. Make sure that the bag is still open and you don't stitch it up. It is quite fiddly and you may need an adult to help you do this.

Once you have finished sewing this you need to go to the bottom of the lining where you left the gap and carefully pull the hessian on the inside through it. Once is it all pulled through, pin the little but of lining together where you left the gap and top stitch this together. The place the lining inside the hessian.

You can then fold the piece of the tartan on the outside, so it should look something a bit like in the image above!

Get some ribbon and stitch it to the side of your bag carefully, it should be below where the tartan finishes.

All you need now is your nicely wrapped presents to place inside the bag.

Tie the ribbon into a nice bow and voila! Your sack has been finished.

I hope you enjoyed this and it wasn't too complicated, I apologise if it is! Just make sure you take your time and be very careful, it is just something a little different and adds something special to the person receiving this as you have taken your time to make something. This can also be made in lots of different fabric for Christmas and even birthdays.

Please feel free to send me pictures of the ones you have made to me via instagram (@little_talks93) or twitter (@_little_talks) I would love to see them :)

If you liked this DIY post, then let me know with other ideas of what you would like me to do... xx

Sunday Lookback

So on Monday our Christmas tree was finally put up - YAY! Its so sparkly, pretty and girly (sorry dad). Me and my mum decided it was time for a change of colour scheme, all the other years we had used reds and golds but we wanted to try something different and I am very happy at how it has turned out.

There is nothing better than some fresh flowers for your bedroom, I don't know what it is about doing this but it just looks really delicate and cheerful. I could not resist purchasing this red and white Christmas bunch with the gold twist in the middle, they look so beautiful. 

Another thing I have been loving this week is tartan! As I mentioned in my earlier post, I have been wanting to get a red tartan dress for a long time but couldn't pull myself around to paying the price of them, £30 is a little steep for my liking. But my mum came to the rescue and made me this tartan dress, its so good having a fashion designer as a mum, just give her an idea and she can whip it up in no time. I'm inkling after another one but in a white, green and blue tartan for something a little different. 

This weekend has been all things Christmas, finishing off the food shop (pigs in blankets were top of the list) and then wrapping some presents up. I have already used up one roll of wrapping paper, oops, I tend to go a little over the top with my wrapping, it has to look pretty - such a typical girl!

I hope you have all had a good weekend xx