Lifestyle: Girlies at Lunch


Today me and my sister had a girly trip to Leeds shopping, had lunch and drunk cocktails, something I have not done in a long time but was very much needed. It was fairly quiet to say it is the last Friday before Christmas and being payday, quite a dangerous time for us girls.

We had a little mooch around the shops then ventured to the new Trinity Kitchen which was pretty cool. I love the idea of each month five new street food traders are being showcased and you can try out their dishes. We chose the Original Fry Up Material, the burger was insanely good, I don't think I have ever eaten something that tasted that good before. You really should go check them out! 

My next point of call before the month is up is a crepe from Crepe Lucette, the nutella one is calling my name.

Crêpe Lucette
Crêpe Lucette
A cocktail was the perfect end to a pretty good day, I went for a Strawberry Daiquiri which was more like an alcohol slush puppy, very strong but actually quite tasty. I'm not normally one for a cocktail but The Alchemist is pretty much the place to go in Leeds at the minute (I did wish mine came in a test tube). 

Over the past month I have been wanting to get a tartan dress but being a student I had to keep walking away from them. When I got home last Thursday I noticed my mum had some red tartan fabric laying around and a pattern for the exact dress I had been wanting, perfect! So with her amazing sewing skills she pretty much had it made within a couple of hours which saved me a good £30 - Life saver!

Now what else can I find for her to make ...

Crêpe Lucette
Crêpe Lucette


What I Wore Today: Pop of Colour

It has come to that point where I begin to experiment different locations for my images, I do like the simple white backgrounds but I think a change of scenery could make it look a little more interesting (fingers crossed). I like the place I chose to take the images today, as much as the green table is a good prop it doesn't need to be included in all of the photos. Hopefully my images will start to look better as my blog goes along, hoping a tripod will be along its way soon and the images look less grainy.

Now to my outfit, I have to admit that I wear an awful lot of black and leggings practically every day which needs to stop pretty soon. I found this royal blue chiffon shirt in the bottom of my drawer and thought it was about time I wore it, it added a pop of colour to my dull outfit. It is so pretty and I love the edginess with the leatherette collar and cuffs, something which is really big right now. Anything with leather/ faux leather and I'm there!

I am aware that it was far too cold to be just wearing this outside, however when I actually ventured out I threw on my pink and silver scarf for a contrast against the blue (I'm not normally that brave), and my leather jacket. It still was a little chilly but most of my journey was in a car.

Now to actually get around to washing all my clothes I brought back from uni so I have much more to choose from... xx

WIWT: Winter Warmer

It really is all about the knitwear this month, especially when the weather is at freezing point and you just want to wrap up warm. There really is so many to choose from but h&m got the vote from me with this brown roll neck jumper. I wasn't even looking for one at the time but the white pattern stood out and made it feel Christmassy.

This was the only one in the store for some reason, even though it was dressed on a mannequin! Anyway it was a Large which is not my size but with it only being £9.99 and on its own there was no way I was putting it back and risking not getting another one in the future. I think it works well being a little bit bigger its got more of a cosier feel, I tend to wear it with my leather leggings and cut out ankle boots.

I left my make up more natural today, I wasn't going anywhere fancy to make a huge effort. It did take around 10 attempts to create a flick and it still wasn't perfect. I have no idea why I cannot do them, they are so simple to do (doesn't go down well when I'm doing a beauty blog). If anyone has any advice then please let me know :)  xx

Hair Care

These are all the hair care products I use on a daily basis. A lot of these products have only just been added since I had my hair cut a couple of weeks ago. I had been using Aussie Ausome Volume 2in1 for a good three months non stop, however it had started to make my hair a little dry and I think my hair/roots had got a little bit used to it. 

My hair had got a bit flat so I decided to try the V05 Plump Me Up range, it is currently on offer in Superdrug so it was silly if I didn't give it a go. I have a habit of ruining my hair with the amount of backcombing I do *slaps wrists* so it was about time I started caring more for my hair and use different products.

V05 Plump it up Shampoo & Conditioner 
This stuff is amazing to use, I only use a small blob of conditioner just on the ends of my hair to protect them from going too dry and brittle. Afterwards it leaves hair is super soft and shiny, something which it has not been in weeks. Both of these products work well together and once dried my hair feels like it has a little extra bounce. 

Superdrug Mousse
I have been using this product for many years and have not had a problem with it. I do use a huge amount of this at a time, I place it on my hands and then run it from the roots all the way down my hair. It does add a little bit of volume to the roots once dried so if you don't want to go to the extreme then it is perfect for you. I am trying to find a different brand of mousse so if anyone has any suggestions then please let me know.

Tresemme Heat Protection Spray 
Tresemme is an amazing brand at very good prices and can be found pretty much everywhere. I have used heat protection spray for many years and I have to admit that I cannot really tell a difference in the quality of my hair after using it. I suppose not having frizzled hair or split ends appear quickly probably suggests that it must be working. I still continue to use it as it is meant to be giving your hair a little support when using heated products. 

John Freida Luxurious Volume Spray 
This spray is a miracle worker! My friend told me about this product a few weeks ago, so I decided to check it out. As I mentioned before my hair has been really flat (something which I suffer all the time, and using mousse on its own really wasn't working well. By adding this volume spray to my daily routine I have noticed a huge difference and my hair actually has a little bounce. I spritz it about 5cm above my roots before drying it. 

Tresemee Salon Finish Hairspray 
I love this hairspray, it has such a strong hold-perfect for when you are styling your hair in many ways. It does leave your hair feeling a little straw like if you spray it too close to the hair or use a lot of it, but I personally don't mind. I would love to try the Tresemme freeze hold hairspray which is even stronger than the salon finish one.

Sunday Lookback

It has been one weird week this week, I had my last lectures of the year on Tuesday then had to pack ready for moving back home on Thursday for three weeks for Christmas. YAY! A lot of my clothes were ready for washing (typical student), so I didn't really have much to choose from.

This year I have been really into knitted jumpers, they are just the best things to put on for comfort and warmth- perfect for this chilly weather this week. I didn't really own any last year which is a little weird! Why wouldn't I own a jumper? I wore them with either my jeans or jeggings and my Ugg boots and threw on a scarf to spice it up a little. 

I nipped into Town on Wednesday for something to do and I wanted to get myself a Christmas jumper, which I failed. I almost got the cream one with the black reindeer's on from New Look, and then I found the plain white fluffy jumper in New Look and could not resist. I have seen a lot of people wearing them and just wanted to jump on the band wagon, you can dress it down like I have done with jeans or dress it up with leather leggings or a pretty skirt with tights and ankle boots.
Yesterday the whole family took a trip into Leeds to do a little Christmas shopping, it was extremely busy but really nice everyone being together. I saw a lot of things I liked but behaved myself and kept my purse in my bag for now. I will be venturing back into Leeds at the end of the week (which happens to be around Payday!) so maybe I can purchase something I liked.

Today has been a pretty chilled day sitting around and watching the television and eating a roast dinner, something which I haven't had in months. I hope you have all had a lovely weekend :) xx