Feeling Autumnal

I braved it and ventured out in the cold to run some errands yesterday, it was beautiful outside, the crisp orange leaves settled on the ground and the sun shining very brightly. I wore my new fur headband from Accessorize to see how well it blocks the wind from my ears, I literally did not take it off all day I absolutely love it.

This white dress with blue stripes is from Topshop, many years ago. I have not worn it in ages, iv become a typical student recently and not made an effort in what I wear, I just throw on the closest thing I can find and go to lectures. It is time I start wearing more than 20% of my wardrobe!

I don't really own a lot of day dresses, but this is the perfect style for a cold winters day. It is an A-line, with 3/4 length sleeves and has a short zip at the back of the dress and two pockets at the front, which do come in handy to slot your phone in when your mooching around the house. It worked perfectly with my cut out ankle boots from New Look and navy blue winter coat.

Also I am not sure why my hair looks extremely orange in the second image, I think its the remains of the dip-dye and the sun shining on it... 

Haul - Selfridges, Accessorize, Boots

Whilst we were in Manchester on Sunday my boyfriend was kind enough to treat me to a few items, he took me to the Mac counter in Selfridges and told me to pick two items I liked the best. (Every girls dream!) This obviously took a long time, so many pretty things to choose from.

I walked straight towards the eyeshadows, something I have not actually got my hands on before from Mac, I love the wide range of colours they have, there really is a colour there for everyone. It took a good 10 minutes applying samples of all the shades up my arm before I decided to go with 'Mythology Lustre'. It is a beautiful warm copper colour with a slight gold sparkle, perfect for the party season.

I also got the Eyebrow self propelling crayon in Brunette, I absolutely love this it is so easy to apply and you really do not need a lot of it to work. Not so long ago I bought the Veluxe Brow Liner in Brunette also from Mac, however after wearing it for a while you cannot really tell I have coloured in my eyebrows and it goes a little crumbly when applying it, like a typical crayon. I would definitely recommend the propelling crayon to everyone.

My boyfriend also bought me the faux fur headband from Accessorize, its so soft and warm, perfect for this chilly weather. I have seen so many people wearing them when I have been out and about and decided to be a sheep and get one myself. This headband is not as thick and wide as most of them I have seen but I prefer it and its fits better around my head. It is a mid tone to all the other headbands iv seen, the others have either been too light or too dark for my skin.

I've recently had my hair cut and needed something that would add more volume to the roots. A lot of my friends recommended the John Freida 'Luxurious Volume Spray', it was only £5.99 so a bargain! I have only used it once so it is hard to tell if it works well or not. I will do a post on it soon once I have used it more and let you know how it goes. Fingers crossed!

Christmas Markets

So this is the first post on my blog and what a better way to start it off is by my visit to the German Christmas market in Manchester, it is the 1st of December after all.

Iv been cooped up indoors all week, third year of uni is definitely taking its toll, the amount of work is crazy. My day to day routine so far consists of getting up, doing work, eating, more work and back to bed with the odd trip to the gym and netball in-between.

It was the perfect day in Manchester, however, very busy with only 24 days until Christmas! Why we chose to go on a Sunday I don’t know. We didn’t go in to many shops as I’m trying to save the pennies for my Christmas shopping, however a few cheeky purchases did happen! (All of which will be shown in my next post.)

The highlight of my day was the Hot Chocolate with Baileys with whipped cream on the top alongside a Bratwurst. It has got to be done! Very tasty to say the least.

I hope that you have all had a really good weekend x