WIWT: Winter Warmer

It really is all about the knitwear this month, especially when the weather is at freezing point and you just want to wrap up warm. There really is so many to choose from but h&m got the vote from me with this brown roll neck jumper. I wasn't even looking for one at the time but the white pattern stood out and made it feel Christmassy.

This was the only one in the store for some reason, even though it was dressed on a mannequin! Anyway it was a Large which is not my size but with it only being £9.99 and on its own there was no way I was putting it back and risking not getting another one in the future. I think it works well being a little bit bigger its got more of a cosier feel, I tend to wear it with my leather leggings and cut out ankle boots.

I left my make up more natural today, I wasn't going anywhere fancy to make a huge effort. It did take around 10 attempts to create a flick and it still wasn't perfect. I have no idea why I cannot do them, they are so simple to do (doesn't go down well when I'm doing a beauty blog). If anyone has any advice then please let me know :)  xx

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