What I Wore Today: Pop of Colour

It has come to that point where I begin to experiment different locations for my images, I do like the simple white backgrounds but I think a change of scenery could make it look a little more interesting (fingers crossed). I like the place I chose to take the images today, as much as the green table is a good prop it doesn't need to be included in all of the photos. Hopefully my images will start to look better as my blog goes along, hoping a tripod will be along its way soon and the images look less grainy.

Now to my outfit, I have to admit that I wear an awful lot of black and leggings practically every day which needs to stop pretty soon. I found this royal blue chiffon shirt in the bottom of my drawer and thought it was about time I wore it, it added a pop of colour to my dull outfit. It is so pretty and I love the edginess with the leatherette collar and cuffs, something which is really big right now. Anything with leather/ faux leather and I'm there!

I am aware that it was far too cold to be just wearing this outside, however when I actually ventured out I threw on my pink and silver scarf for a contrast against the blue (I'm not normally that brave), and my leather jacket. It still was a little chilly but most of my journey was in a car.

Now to actually get around to washing all my clothes I brought back from uni so I have much more to choose from... xx

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