Sweet Traditions

It's Christmas Eve :) and what a better way to fill it, is by baking and wrapping.

For the past few years I have kind of started my own tradition = baking mince pies. It is really fun and they are super easy to make, they are not as sugary as the ones you buy in the store which I kind of prefer. I guess you could say they are savory rather than sweet. I put my own spin on it and use puff pastry just so they go a little crispier and flaky, makes them look homemade. They look a little messy but I think it makes them look more tasty.

Then the rest of my day was spent wrapping presents and seeing my boyfriend to give each other the gifts we bought each other. Now my night is to go through all these to try and see if I can guess what is under the wrapping paper. Naughty!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and enjoy time with your family! :) xxx

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