Sunday Lookback

It has been one weird week this week, I had my last lectures of the year on Tuesday then had to pack ready for moving back home on Thursday for three weeks for Christmas. YAY! A lot of my clothes were ready for washing (typical student), so I didn't really have much to choose from.

This year I have been really into knitted jumpers, they are just the best things to put on for comfort and warmth- perfect for this chilly weather this week. I didn't really own any last year which is a little weird! Why wouldn't I own a jumper? I wore them with either my jeans or jeggings and my Ugg boots and threw on a scarf to spice it up a little. 

I nipped into Town on Wednesday for something to do and I wanted to get myself a Christmas jumper, which I failed. I almost got the cream one with the black reindeer's on from New Look, and then I found the plain white fluffy jumper in New Look and could not resist. I have seen a lot of people wearing them and just wanted to jump on the band wagon, you can dress it down like I have done with jeans or dress it up with leather leggings or a pretty skirt with tights and ankle boots.
Yesterday the whole family took a trip into Leeds to do a little Christmas shopping, it was extremely busy but really nice everyone being together. I saw a lot of things I liked but behaved myself and kept my purse in my bag for now. I will be venturing back into Leeds at the end of the week (which happens to be around Payday!) so maybe I can purchase something I liked.

Today has been a pretty chilled day sitting around and watching the television and eating a roast dinner, something which I haven't had in months. I hope you have all had a lovely weekend :) xx

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