Sunday Lookback

I have officially been on this blog for a week, YAY!

So I have decided to do a 'Sunday Lookback' post, every Sunday I will be posting an overview of my week, mainly showing my outfits of the day and anything else which seems to be interesting and have not already included.

It seems so messy on my blog at the minute so apologies. But there are so many ideas which are springing to mind which will hopefully (fingers crossed) make 'Adventures of Wonderland' much more interesting for you all.

So my week has been very dull but extremely busy; lectures, working at the SU Bar until 3am and then 4am, I'm exhausted and feeling a little ill. However I managed to squeeze in a couple naughty trips to Primark with the boyfriend. Selfridges in the Trafford Centre now have a section for Primark which is amazing, they have so much nice stuff in there, I could have spent a fortune. Also a brand new Primark store has opened up in my local town, going on its first weekend was a bad plan but it had to be done.

I cannot wait for this week coming up, I am going home for Christmas!! I cannot wait to go to my local garden centre and check out all the Christmas decorations, then I get to see my sisters and have another little shopping spree.

Hope you have all had a good weekend xx

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