Christmas Markets

So this is the first post on my blog and what a better way to start it off is by my visit to the German Christmas market in Manchester, it is the 1st of December after all.

Iv been cooped up indoors all week, third year of uni is definitely taking its toll, the amount of work is crazy. My day to day routine so far consists of getting up, doing work, eating, more work and back to bed with the odd trip to the gym and netball in-between.

It was the perfect day in Manchester, however, very busy with only 24 days until Christmas! Why we chose to go on a Sunday I don’t know. We didn’t go in to many shops as I’m trying to save the pennies for my Christmas shopping, however a few cheeky purchases did happen! (All of which will be shown in my next post.)

The highlight of my day was the Hot Chocolate with Baileys with whipped cream on the top alongside a Bratwurst. It has got to be done! Very tasty to say the least.

I hope that you have all had a really good weekend x

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