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2013 has been a pretty good year for me, a lot of exciting things happened in my personal life and it was the start to Adventures of Wonderland (happy me). I wanted something fun and different away from University work, and the idea of creating a blog to hopefully inspire others on topics I am so passionate about makes me happy. 

My goals next year is improve Adventures of Wonderland with the design and ideas to new posts (which I have many and cannot wait I have sooo much I want to expand on). With only writing AOF (does that sound silly?) for just under a month I am still learning and experimenting with what looks and sounds good or what needs changing. Maybe, just maybe I might start looking into setting up a YouTube channel, it really does look fun to do, but it is one thing at a time. 

I would not have been here if it wasn't for being inspired by many other bloggers/vloggers out there. I can literally spend hours reading fashion tips and new beauty products worth trying. 

LLYMLRS (Lily Melrose) and Dolly Bow Bow were the first bloggers I ever came across, I read about Lily in the Company Magazine, I think it was the first ever time I purchased this magazine. I love her adversity of her styles of fashion and the quirky looks she just throws together. From then on I discovered Kate who is the writer of Dolly Bow Bow, and it was from her blog I discovered YouTube played a major part in a bloggers life. I literally sat for hours watching her videos on hair tutorials to a clothes haul.

After clicking away I found loads of bloggers which guided me to the path I am on now:
Hello October by Suzie - she is a must to follow. I actually should give her all the credit for me finding my perfect foundation, if it wasn't for Suzie to write such a positive post on Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation I wouldn't have taken the plunge to try it out myself. So thank you :) 

Zoella It was her youtube channel I discovered first, once again it was the hair and make up tutorials and the fashion hauls. She is such a happy person and very bubbly, and her passion for her blogging/vlogging really does shine through.

Tanya Burr She seems such a lovely person, always has a smile on her face and once again very passionate about what she does. It was only this month that I came across her YouTube channel and what a better videos to start watching than vlogmas. I am really looking forward to going back and watching all her other videos as I see there are make-up and hair tutorials again! 

Sprinkle of Glitter It is thanks to Zoella that I have discovered Louise's channel and blog, and it has only been in the past couple of weeks. I have had a quick look over other videos she has uploaded beauty being the main subject (happy me), I am just looking forward to seeing more of her in the new year. I have to add the videos of Louise and Zoella together are hilarious so you must check them out! I also admire them for taking on difficult subjects to try give their advice or how they have coped in the past, under their chummy chatter videos. 

I Covet Thee Alix's blog and youtube channel was another I have been reading and watching for a couple of years now, her passion for beauty has got me hooked, and I immediately want to go out and try the products out for myself. Not to mention her love of bright lipsticks, this has been one product which I would not go near but with the advice on certain colours for skin tones in her videos has left me feeling so much braver to try a few. 

I would just also like to mention one other blog Danni Saw This, it is written by someone called Danielle (she happens to be my sister) but it really is inspiring. She is a graphic designer/advertiser and she loves a little quirkiness which definitely shines through on her blog, her posts always puts a smile on my face. 

I cannot wait to find more of you lovely bloggers out there xxx

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