Bloggers Inspirations

2013 has been a pretty good year for me, a lot of exciting things happened in my personal life and it was the start to Adventures of Wonderland (happy me). I wanted something fun and different away from University work, and the idea of creating a blog to hopefully inspire others on topics I am so passionate about makes me happy. 

My goals next year is improve Adventures of Wonderland with the design and ideas to new posts (which I have many and cannot wait I have sooo much I want to expand on). With only writing AOF (does that sound silly?) for just under a month I am still learning and experimenting with what looks and sounds good or what needs changing. Maybe, just maybe I might start looking into setting up a YouTube channel, it really does look fun to do, but it is one thing at a time. 

I would not have been here if it wasn't for being inspired by many other bloggers/vloggers out there. I can literally spend hours reading fashion tips and new beauty products worth trying. 

LLYMLRS (Lily Melrose) and Dolly Bow Bow were the first bloggers I ever came across, I read about Lily in the Company Magazine, I think it was the first ever time I purchased this magazine. I love her adversity of her styles of fashion and the quirky looks she just throws together. From then on I discovered Kate who is the writer of Dolly Bow Bow, and it was from her blog I discovered YouTube played a major part in a bloggers life. I literally sat for hours watching her videos on hair tutorials to a clothes haul.

After clicking away I found loads of bloggers which guided me to the path I am on now:
Hello October by Suzie - she is a must to follow. I actually should give her all the credit for me finding my perfect foundation, if it wasn't for Suzie to write such a positive post on Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation I wouldn't have taken the plunge to try it out myself. So thank you :) 

Zoella It was her youtube channel I discovered first, once again it was the hair and make up tutorials and the fashion hauls. She is such a happy person and very bubbly, and her passion for her blogging/vlogging really does shine through.

Tanya Burr She seems such a lovely person, always has a smile on her face and once again very passionate about what she does. It was only this month that I came across her YouTube channel and what a better videos to start watching than vlogmas. I am really looking forward to going back and watching all her other videos as I see there are make-up and hair tutorials again! 

Sprinkle of Glitter It is thanks to Zoella that I have discovered Louise's channel and blog, and it has only been in the past couple of weeks. I have had a quick look over other videos she has uploaded beauty being the main subject (happy me), I am just looking forward to seeing more of her in the new year. I have to add the videos of Louise and Zoella together are hilarious so you must check them out! I also admire them for taking on difficult subjects to try give their advice or how they have coped in the past, under their chummy chatter videos. 

I Covet Thee Alix's blog and youtube channel was another I have been reading and watching for a couple of years now, her passion for beauty has got me hooked, and I immediately want to go out and try the products out for myself. Not to mention her love of bright lipsticks, this has been one product which I would not go near but with the advice on certain colours for skin tones in her videos has left me feeling so much braver to try a few. 

I would just also like to mention one other blog Danni Saw This, it is written by someone called Danielle (she happens to be my sister) but it really is inspiring. She is a graphic designer/advertiser and she loves a little quirkiness which definitely shines through on her blog, her posts always puts a smile on my face. 

I cannot wait to find more of you lovely bloggers out there xxx

Whats in my Make - Up Bag

So I thought I would give you guys an insight into what is currently in my make up bag, and really this could also be named as my favourite make up products of 2013, as these are what I am loving a lot this year. Quite a few of the products have literally been added in the past couple of weeks but there was no way these were not to be included in this post, how I have not coped without them for literally a whole year is beyond me. 

It was only last week when I discovered this bargain! We were doing our Christmas food shop and I happened to walk down the Beauty isle in Asda to find the Real Techniques brushes at literally half the price than any store, this I could not walk away from. I placed the Powder, Blusher, Eye Shadow and the Expert Face Brush into the trolley, and how happy I am that I did. They are just so soft to use, I love them.

One product I have just purchased is the Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer, I apply this before all my make up, and what a difference it makes. It gives my face a smoother base to place the foundation on top, and my make up stays on perfectly the whole day. Why have I not tried this before??

The Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in Vanilla is amazing, it is the perfect shade for my skin, I have never found such an incredible match before. For most of the year I had been using the Rimmel London Match Perfection in Classic Ivory, however this has quite an oily complexion and still a bit dark for my skin tone, but out of all the other foundations I had tried this was the best one. I found that it wore off after half a day and would have to reapply it if necessary. 

My boyfriend got me the Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC20 for Christmas and its amazing!!! Once again a perfect match for my skin tone, it is quite a thick substance so you don't need to apply a lot but it stays on the whole day. It is quite pricey so I tend to swap and change with the Revlon foundation. 

I apply the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer before and after using the foundation depending on how bad my skin and under eye circles are. Then the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Warm Beige just to keep the bit of shine away and to keep my foundation stay on longer. 

Pretty much all the time I don't do much with my eyes except for lather on the mascara as my eyelashes are that small you can never see them, its so annoying, I use the Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara. I tend to go for liquid eyeliner to get a more define line, and flick (which I have to say I am getting better at), I use Collection Extreme Felt Tip liner. If I want to add a bit of eye shadow, which this Christmas has been most days then I have reached for my new Mac shadow in Mythology Lustre. For my eyebrows I swap between the Veluxe Brow Liner in Brunette and the self propelling crayon in Brunette, it just depends how much definition I want to go and if I want to go quite dark or more natural.

I use any of the products above, maybe some days I use a mixture of them all which actually looks really nice. Some days if I want to look more natural then I will use Benefit Hoola it is more subtle, but then other I want a bit of sparkle and a pink tone I use Benefit Bella Bamba. The Mac bronzer is beautiful, it is a mixture of both bronzer and blusher and perfect for my skin tone. I actually cannot quite remember what this is called, so when I look back I will place it on here. 
Where would I be without my Limited Edition Mac Mineralize Skinfinsh? I have had this for so many years, it was my first expensive make up product I ever bought and from Harrods! I am so sad that I cannot get this any more it is amazing. The little bit of highlighter at the top has almost gone and this is my favourite part of the product. I am going to have to go back to Mac and see what similar products they have. 

I hope you enjoyed what was in my make up bag, it doesn't change that much on a daily basis. I would recommend all these products to anyone! xxx

New Look, New Year

So today I had that spur of a moment feeling to dye my hair. I had been umm-ing and ahh-ing it for a a while now, whether to put the ombre back into it, go darker or maybe go lighter, but in the end I just gave up as I really could not decide or be bothered to go buy some. 

But over coffee today with my sister we had a short discussion on whether I should cut my hair shorter as I am a little bored of it or for a cheap option change the colour of it, within 10 minutes we had gone from Costa to queuing up in Boots with a box of dye in my hand. 

I bought the Garnier Olia- permanent hair colour in 4.35 Dark Chocolate Brown; it is a rich brown colour with a warm red tone to it. My natural hair colour is quite a dull, medium brown with little bits of blonde on the end from when I did it ombre over the summer. The dye is oil powered with no amonia, it has no difference in the way you put it in your hair, however I do feel my hair is fresher, healthier and more shiny. The best thing about this dye is that there is no smell to it, normally you get a very powerful, potent small which leaves you gasping for air, but with Garnier Olia it is smell free.

I absolutely love it, and now I have a new look for New Years Eve which will be good :)

p.s Apologies for the poor quality photos, I did this when it was getting a bit dark and only had my iPhone on hand.  xx

Sweet Traditions

It's Christmas Eve :) and what a better way to fill it, is by baking and wrapping.

For the past few years I have kind of started my own tradition = baking mince pies. It is really fun and they are super easy to make, they are not as sugary as the ones you buy in the store which I kind of prefer. I guess you could say they are savory rather than sweet. I put my own spin on it and use puff pastry just so they go a little crispier and flaky, makes them look homemade. They look a little messy but I think it makes them look more tasty.

Then the rest of my day was spent wrapping presents and seeing my boyfriend to give each other the gifts we bought each other. Now my night is to go through all these to try and see if I can guess what is under the wrapping paper. Naughty!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and enjoy time with your family! :) xxx

DIY : How to Make a Christmas Sack

So today I am going to be doing something a little different, I know we are pretty close to Christmas but if you would like get creative and make something special for a family member or friend, then here is how to make your own sack.

What you will need:
Some fancy fabric, I have gone for Tartan
A big piece of hessian fabric
Some lining
Sewing Machine 
Tape Measure 

 Step by Step guide 

Open up your fabric and place is neatly on the floor and fold in half, make sure all the edges meet each other and it is flat. Then place your presents on top of the fabric so you can see how big the bag needs to be. Then mark this with some pins, it will either be a square or rectangular shape. Then get some scissors and cut carefully out your shape straightly.   You may need an adult to help you. 

This is where it gets a little complicated. Get the lining and place it flat on the floor making sure it has been folded in half, place the hessian on top so that you know how much lining to cut out. However at the top of the sack you need some tartan fabric for the fold. You can decide how much tartan you would like (or other fabric of your choice) then with the top of the hessian, fold how much you do not need of lining. (I hope this makes sense.) Cut out your lining carefully and neatly. 

Get your tartan fabric and make sure it is flat and folded in half, then measure how much hessian you have not used to be covered with lining and cut out the tartan. Make sure that you cut it slightly bigger than what you need across the top.

Where the folds on the fabric are you need to cut along these, so that you are left with two pieces of each fabric.

Pin the top part of your tartan to the top part of the lining and then sew them together using the sewing machine, leaving a 5cm gap from the edge. There may be a guide by the foot and needle on the machine to help you get this right.

Whilst sewing take the pins out as you go along otherwise you could damage your machine. Then do exactly the same with the lining and the tartan you have left.

Once you have done it, open out the tartan and lining and it should look like this in the image above.

Get both pieces of lining with the tartan and pin around both sides of the fabric making sure your tartan is at the top. The right side of the fabric should be facing each other on the inside.

You then need to sew down each side of the fabric once again leaving 5cm at the edges, once you are ready to sew the bottom of the lining leave a biggish gap for a bit later on.

You then need to sew around three edges of your hessian fabric leaving 5cm at the edges again!

For the next stage it gets a little complicated again. You need to get the hessian fabric you have just stitched and make sure that the outside is on the inside, then do exactly the same with you lining.

Then place the hessian bag inside the lining (it may be slightly bigger in height but this is fine). Make sure that the bag is open and around the edges at the top of the hessian and the tartan/lining you need to pin the pieces together. Make sure that you have not pinned it shut!

Now on the sewing machine you need to stitch around the top of the hessian and the tartan so that they are now together. Make sure that the bag is still open and you don't stitch it up. It is quite fiddly and you may need an adult to help you do this.

Once you have finished sewing this you need to go to the bottom of the lining where you left the gap and carefully pull the hessian on the inside through it. Once is it all pulled through, pin the little but of lining together where you left the gap and top stitch this together. The place the lining inside the hessian.

You can then fold the piece of the tartan on the outside, so it should look something a bit like in the image above!

Get some ribbon and stitch it to the side of your bag carefully, it should be below where the tartan finishes.

All you need now is your nicely wrapped presents to place inside the bag.

Tie the ribbon into a nice bow and voila! Your sack has been finished.

I hope you enjoyed this and it wasn't too complicated, I apologise if it is! Just make sure you take your time and be very careful, it is just something a little different and adds something special to the person receiving this as you have taken your time to make something. This can also be made in lots of different fabric for Christmas and even birthdays.

Please feel free to send me pictures of the ones you have made to me via instagram (@little_talks93) or twitter (@_little_talks) I would love to see them :)

If you liked this DIY post, then let me know with other ideas of what you would like me to do... xx

Sunday Lookback

So on Monday our Christmas tree was finally put up - YAY! Its so sparkly, pretty and girly (sorry dad). Me and my mum decided it was time for a change of colour scheme, all the other years we had used reds and golds but we wanted to try something different and I am very happy at how it has turned out.

There is nothing better than some fresh flowers for your bedroom, I don't know what it is about doing this but it just looks really delicate and cheerful. I could not resist purchasing this red and white Christmas bunch with the gold twist in the middle, they look so beautiful. 

Another thing I have been loving this week is tartan! As I mentioned in my earlier post, I have been wanting to get a red tartan dress for a long time but couldn't pull myself around to paying the price of them, £30 is a little steep for my liking. But my mum came to the rescue and made me this tartan dress, its so good having a fashion designer as a mum, just give her an idea and she can whip it up in no time. I'm inkling after another one but in a white, green and blue tartan for something a little different. 

This weekend has been all things Christmas, finishing off the food shop (pigs in blankets were top of the list) and then wrapping some presents up. I have already used up one roll of wrapping paper, oops, I tend to go a little over the top with my wrapping, it has to look pretty - such a typical girl!

I hope you have all had a good weekend xx

Lifestyle: Girlies at Lunch


Today me and my sister had a girly trip to Leeds shopping, had lunch and drunk cocktails, something I have not done in a long time but was very much needed. It was fairly quiet to say it is the last Friday before Christmas and being payday, quite a dangerous time for us girls.

We had a little mooch around the shops then ventured to the new Trinity Kitchen which was pretty cool. I love the idea of each month five new street food traders are being showcased and you can try out their dishes. We chose the Original Fry Up Material, the burger was insanely good, I don't think I have ever eaten something that tasted that good before. You really should go check them out! 

My next point of call before the month is up is a crepe from Crepe Lucette, the nutella one is calling my name.

Crêpe Lucette
Crêpe Lucette
A cocktail was the perfect end to a pretty good day, I went for a Strawberry Daiquiri which was more like an alcohol slush puppy, very strong but actually quite tasty. I'm not normally one for a cocktail but The Alchemist is pretty much the place to go in Leeds at the minute (I did wish mine came in a test tube). 

Over the past month I have been wanting to get a tartan dress but being a student I had to keep walking away from them. When I got home last Thursday I noticed my mum had some red tartan fabric laying around and a pattern for the exact dress I had been wanting, perfect! So with her amazing sewing skills she pretty much had it made within a couple of hours which saved me a good £30 - Life saver!

Now what else can I find for her to make ...

Crêpe Lucette
Crêpe Lucette


What I Wore Today: Pop of Colour

It has come to that point where I begin to experiment different locations for my images, I do like the simple white backgrounds but I think a change of scenery could make it look a little more interesting (fingers crossed). I like the place I chose to take the images today, as much as the green table is a good prop it doesn't need to be included in all of the photos. Hopefully my images will start to look better as my blog goes along, hoping a tripod will be along its way soon and the images look less grainy.

Now to my outfit, I have to admit that I wear an awful lot of black and leggings practically every day which needs to stop pretty soon. I found this royal blue chiffon shirt in the bottom of my drawer and thought it was about time I wore it, it added a pop of colour to my dull outfit. It is so pretty and I love the edginess with the leatherette collar and cuffs, something which is really big right now. Anything with leather/ faux leather and I'm there!

I am aware that it was far too cold to be just wearing this outside, however when I actually ventured out I threw on my pink and silver scarf for a contrast against the blue (I'm not normally that brave), and my leather jacket. It still was a little chilly but most of my journey was in a car.

Now to actually get around to washing all my clothes I brought back from uni so I have much more to choose from... xx

WIWT: Winter Warmer

It really is all about the knitwear this month, especially when the weather is at freezing point and you just want to wrap up warm. There really is so many to choose from but h&m got the vote from me with this brown roll neck jumper. I wasn't even looking for one at the time but the white pattern stood out and made it feel Christmassy.

This was the only one in the store for some reason, even though it was dressed on a mannequin! Anyway it was a Large which is not my size but with it only being £9.99 and on its own there was no way I was putting it back and risking not getting another one in the future. I think it works well being a little bit bigger its got more of a cosier feel, I tend to wear it with my leather leggings and cut out ankle boots.

I left my make up more natural today, I wasn't going anywhere fancy to make a huge effort. It did take around 10 attempts to create a flick and it still wasn't perfect. I have no idea why I cannot do them, they are so simple to do (doesn't go down well when I'm doing a beauty blog). If anyone has any advice then please let me know :)  xx

Hair Care

These are all the hair care products I use on a daily basis. A lot of these products have only just been added since I had my hair cut a couple of weeks ago. I had been using Aussie Ausome Volume 2in1 for a good three months non stop, however it had started to make my hair a little dry and I think my hair/roots had got a little bit used to it. 

My hair had got a bit flat so I decided to try the V05 Plump Me Up range, it is currently on offer in Superdrug so it was silly if I didn't give it a go. I have a habit of ruining my hair with the amount of backcombing I do *slaps wrists* so it was about time I started caring more for my hair and use different products.

V05 Plump it up Shampoo & Conditioner 
This stuff is amazing to use, I only use a small blob of conditioner just on the ends of my hair to protect them from going too dry and brittle. Afterwards it leaves hair is super soft and shiny, something which it has not been in weeks. Both of these products work well together and once dried my hair feels like it has a little extra bounce. 

Superdrug Mousse
I have been using this product for many years and have not had a problem with it. I do use a huge amount of this at a time, I place it on my hands and then run it from the roots all the way down my hair. It does add a little bit of volume to the roots once dried so if you don't want to go to the extreme then it is perfect for you. I am trying to find a different brand of mousse so if anyone has any suggestions then please let me know.

Tresemme Heat Protection Spray 
Tresemme is an amazing brand at very good prices and can be found pretty much everywhere. I have used heat protection spray for many years and I have to admit that I cannot really tell a difference in the quality of my hair after using it. I suppose not having frizzled hair or split ends appear quickly probably suggests that it must be working. I still continue to use it as it is meant to be giving your hair a little support when using heated products. 

John Freida Luxurious Volume Spray 
This spray is a miracle worker! My friend told me about this product a few weeks ago, so I decided to check it out. As I mentioned before my hair has been really flat (something which I suffer all the time, and using mousse on its own really wasn't working well. By adding this volume spray to my daily routine I have noticed a huge difference and my hair actually has a little bounce. I spritz it about 5cm above my roots before drying it. 

Tresemee Salon Finish Hairspray 
I love this hairspray, it has such a strong hold-perfect for when you are styling your hair in many ways. It does leave your hair feeling a little straw like if you spray it too close to the hair or use a lot of it, but I personally don't mind. I would love to try the Tresemme freeze hold hairspray which is even stronger than the salon finish one.

Sunday Lookback

It has been one weird week this week, I had my last lectures of the year on Tuesday then had to pack ready for moving back home on Thursday for three weeks for Christmas. YAY! A lot of my clothes were ready for washing (typical student), so I didn't really have much to choose from.

This year I have been really into knitted jumpers, they are just the best things to put on for comfort and warmth- perfect for this chilly weather this week. I didn't really own any last year which is a little weird! Why wouldn't I own a jumper? I wore them with either my jeans or jeggings and my Ugg boots and threw on a scarf to spice it up a little. 

I nipped into Town on Wednesday for something to do and I wanted to get myself a Christmas jumper, which I failed. I almost got the cream one with the black reindeer's on from New Look, and then I found the plain white fluffy jumper in New Look and could not resist. I have seen a lot of people wearing them and just wanted to jump on the band wagon, you can dress it down like I have done with jeans or dress it up with leather leggings or a pretty skirt with tights and ankle boots.
Yesterday the whole family took a trip into Leeds to do a little Christmas shopping, it was extremely busy but really nice everyone being together. I saw a lot of things I liked but behaved myself and kept my purse in my bag for now. I will be venturing back into Leeds at the end of the week (which happens to be around Payday!) so maybe I can purchase something I liked.

Today has been a pretty chilled day sitting around and watching the television and eating a roast dinner, something which I haven't had in months. I hope you have all had a lovely weekend :) xx


I thought I might give you a small insight as to what I place in my room at uni to make it look and feel more homely. It is very difficult as your not allowed to pin anything to the walls which results in a lot of sellotape and masking tape. Eurgh!

Rooms are very dull and boring and it is difficult to think of how to brighten it up and small enough to pack.

For the previous two years I used to stick a lot of images on my wall but I wanted to go for something different in my final year, I wanted it to look a little vintage/shabby chic (not that it does). I made the bunting over the summer, its not that difficult, just pick 5 or 6 different fabrics and cut two triangle shapes and then place them together, sew and add tape to the top to join them together.

Then for something every girl should own in their room- fairy lights. I seem to have a thing for wicker heart decorations, with the little mini brown one and the white one I hang on my door. These heart shaped lights are so cute, I put them on with my raspberry scented candle, makes me feel all cosy on a night.

To make my bed look a little fancier I have added three cushions, a red one, white rose patterned one and my all time favourite animal print. I must admit they do not match my bedding *slaps the back of my hand* as I changed it last year to a black bird print on a grey background, but who cares they are just too comfy. Eeyore is the only soft toy I own, my boyfriend bought me it for Christmas last year and I love it!

Hope this helps anyone out there who are moving to uni or just want something a little different, these also can be placed in any bedrooms. xx