Boots Botanics Skincare Range

I'm such a sucker for an offer, even more so when it comes to make up and skincare, especially when they are like half the price. Right now, is the perfect time to head to Boots and Superdrug in the lead up to Christmas. 

The Botanics Range by Boots is a fantastic way of trying out different skincare products if you are on a budge, there is so much to choose from. This range is all plant based which is their way of reducing impact on the planet, so even better and you will also find that the nutrients and vitamins will be much stronger. 

As my skin is looking quite dull at the moment the ALL BRIGHT range stood out to me, all the products includes a brightening hibiscus which is a plant and the natural AHA's act as a mild exfoliator to help the skin look smoother and brighter. It is a very gentle sweet and refreshing scent and reminds me of when you have just washed your clothes with a softner. 

The cream comes in like a little tester paint pot, it's super cute. I love how it is a fairly thin and light substance, as it is a day cream I am happier knowing that I am not adding a lot of thick layers including my make up which can clog up your pores and make them worse. 

These two products are perfect to add to my morning routine, something soft, delicate and brightening. 

What's your opinion?

  1. I love the Botanics Mattifying Day Cream, really great for oily skin and sinks in so well. Such good prices and good quality I think.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. I think I need to try this mattifying day cream out, this particular one is a little too greasy if I am wanting to apply make up afterwards. Thank you for letting me know about this product xxx

  2. I keep meaning to pick up something my Botanics, I've heard they've got a couple of cleansers that are really good and they seem like a great price too.


    1. They have some fantastic products at great prices, I have not tried the cleansers yet so you will have to let me know how you get on xxx

  3. I just bought the Cleansing Toner from this range and I love it, I might have to check these out too! xx


    1. That is great to hear, I will be on the look out for a new toner soon so I might pick this one up xxx

  4. I've used a few things from the Botanics range and they've all been great, considering the price point! Nothing that quite replaces my slightly more expensive products though.
    I would recommend the Skin Relief serum though. You definitely get what you pay for, it doesn't work wonders. But it sinks very nicely into the skin and the marshmallow in it calms down inflammation a bit. | Beauty, Lifestyle etc.



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