September Favourites


This month has been a little bit crazy, I managed to secure myself a work experience at a football club miles and miles away from where I live, which meant I had two days to pack my belongings and find somewhere to live for two weeks and plan all my blog posts. 

So I hate to say it but, my face wipes were a savior for me, yes slap my hands as they are extremely bad for you but I did not have room to pack all of my skin care products. They were so useful, if I got back in late it meant that I could remove all my make up easily without having to rub my face just using water and my hands. 

I also found the perfect multifunctional make up tool, my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush that I normally use for foundation was put to use with concealer and my bronzers and blushers. It's an extremely sturdy brush which is great to create a contour just under the cheekbones without it smudging all the way down your face (something I tend to do with big brushes).

Now I have to admit that I have never been a huge fan of lush products for quite some time, but recently I am finding myself going into their stores more often and finding products that I would like to try. The one I am absolutely loving at the minute is the comforter bubble bar, it was the bright pink that drew me into it and the realisation that you only need to crumble a little bit into your bath, so it lasts for so long and it makes your bath water so silky. 

My other favourite is a cĂ®ate paint pot in skinny dip, it is such a cute product. I got this a while back at an outlet beauty store for £2.99 instead of £9, I just loved how glittery it is and the burnt orange is the perfect shade for autumn. 

It has been fairly difficult to pick my favourites this month as I have been living out of a small suitcase for most of it. 

What's your opinion?

  1. lovely faves! I really want to try the comforter from lush, If you like bubble bars then try out the creamy candy, its so lovely and smells like sweeties <3

    1. Thank you :) It is incredible I love it and I do actually feel more relaxed afterwards. I will have to try out the creamy candy one, thank you xxx

  2. Great fans. I love those wipes, so cheap and great for when want quick wash or even cleaning hands after applying make uo. Xxx

    1. Thank you :) Yes they are I've found that too, especially when your in a hotel and they only supply white towels. xxx



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