Saturday, 23 August 2014

Bronzer Versatility

As I don't have a vast make up collection I like to try and see how my products can be versatile, plus it saves the money too especially if you are a student. Stains are perfect to create numerous looks as they can be used on lips, cheeks and even eyes, but one product which you will use two or three different ways on a day to day basis without realising is a Bronzer. 

Bronzers are such great all round products, you can either apply it across the whole face and down the neck for a more tanned/sunkissed look, contouring or even a light sweep on the eyelids, you name it, it will most likely work. 

But something then crossed my mind, could this be a product which can also fill in my eyebrows? A lot of people reach for a brown eye shadow rather than a pencil, liquid or gel so a matte bronzer should work right?! Well yeah, it actually does. I tested it out with my go to bronzer; Benefit Hoola and absolutely loved it. 

Hoola is a very light shade, you could say it almost looks a bit grubby as there is no peachy pink undertones (I could be the only one who thought that before testing it) but once applied it almost reflects the tone of your skin and then adds some warmth. When it came to my brows, being a soft and powdery consistency the bronzer added a base coat just under the brows for the more natural look rather than having a strong definition, I did have to build it up slightly having brunette brows but it blended in perfectly.

I would love to hear if you have used Hoola or any other bronzer on filling in your brows? 



  1. lovely post, so helpful, i may have to try running Hoola through the brows!

    laura // xx

    1. Thank you, I hope that it works for you if not try a slightly darker foundation xxx

  2. Really great post. I'm a student and find all sorts of ways to use my products for different purposes (I actually have a post about it: Never thought of using a bronzer for my brows as mine are quite dark, but might give it a go if I find a matte one and in the right shade. Thanks for sharing this :)

    1. Thank you :) I think I might try it out more often and I will definitely take a look at your post too I'd love to see what products you use xxx


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