Which Ponytail are you?

Ponytails are very big this season, but then again when are they never not?! You see a lot of celebrities rocking a sleek ponytail on the red carpet, its a timeless look, very glamorous and sophisticated. You might not realise it, which on a daily basis I don't have the brains to think, but a pontyail has no ends of different ways to style, everyone has their own preference. So which is your favourite?
Medium Ponytail 

I never have my hair tied up like this but I have to say I am quite liking this look, there really is nothing to it, I sectioned my fringe away from the rest of my hair and then brushed it all backwards.
Taking a bit of the top part of my hair I just brushed backwards, I backcombed the roots to add some volume and lift, then gathered the rest of my hair and tied a bobble in it.

With a small ended brush I placed it under my hair at the top and lifted it a bit and with the loose ends I added a couple of bobby pins. For something a little different I took a tiny section of hair and wrapped it around the bobble and then pinned it underneath the ponytail.

Low Ponytail

Personally I am not a huge fan of this look on myself as I feel my head is a little bit too big to pull off such a low ponytail. However, I really do love this look whenever I spot a celebrity or someone in the street wear it, they always manage to make it look so polished and perfect.

With my big head I don't like hair scraped flat off my face, so like the medium ponytail I added a little bit of backcombing to the roots for that extra lift, you don't want to do it too drastically as it will look a little silly. Take the hair as low as possible and tie it in a bobble, with a comb gently brush your hair backwards towards the bobble and then pin back any loose layers. You don't have to keep your fringe out if not, it can also be pushed back into the ponytail if you want a really sleek look.

High Ponytail (Pineapple) 

Okay, so it is not quite a pineapple but I like to think that its high enough on the top of your head to be classed as one! It is the easiest pony to do and one I find myself wearing on a very regular occasion, if I am too warm or having a lazy day I shake my head upside down, scrape it all back and tie it up. I quite like how it is a messy feel to it, which is something I like to see in a hair style (I must be going mad) pus it adds a bit of volume to the tail too.

I'd love to hear which style you prefer and find yourself wearing the most, I am on a mission to try out the medium ponytail more often as I quite like the outcome. For something a little different add a French plait to the front of your hair where your fringe is.


What's your opinion?

  1. I love the variety that a ponytail can give! Your hair looks lush, i'd love to be able to rock the ombre look! x


    1. Thank you :) I'm fairly lazy to not even bother making an effort tying my hair up nice xx

  2. I'm a low, i think it's just cause i'm lazy and i make zero effort with my hair sometimes haha
    love victoriajanex

  3. I'm a high ponytail, I wish I could be a lower though, but it looks awful!

    1. I love a good high ponytail, I always think it makes my head too big xxx

  4. Im a high ponytail girl, The medium one looks awesome on you. Im so lazy with my hair that I even forget to brush it so messy ponytail is definitely my go to
    Beth x

  5. I think I'm more of a high ponytail but medium when I can't be bothered to do my hair properly haha!
    Great post, you look lovely :D




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