Friday, 20 December 2013

Lifestyle: Girlies at Lunch


Today me and my sister had a girly trip to Leeds shopping, had lunch and drunk cocktails, something I have not done in a long time but was very much needed. It was fairly quiet to say it is the last Friday before Christmas and being payday, quite a dangerous time for us girls.

We had a little mooch around the shops then ventured to the new Trinity Kitchen which was pretty cool. I love the idea of each month five new street food traders are being showcased and you can try out their dishes. We chose the Original Fry Up Material, the burger was insanely good, I don't think I have ever eaten something that tasted that good before. You really should go check them out! 

My next point of call before the month is up is a crepe from Crepe Lucette, the nutella one is calling my name.

Crêpe Lucette
Crêpe Lucette
A cocktail was the perfect end to a pretty good day, I went for a Strawberry Daiquiri which was more like an alcohol slush puppy, very strong but actually quite tasty. I'm not normally one for a cocktail but The Alchemist is pretty much the place to go in Leeds at the minute (I did wish mine came in a test tube). 

Over the past month I have been wanting to get a tartan dress but being a student I had to keep walking away from them. When I got home last Thursday I noticed my mum had some red tartan fabric laying around and a pattern for the exact dress I had been wanting, perfect! So with her amazing sewing skills she pretty much had it made within a couple of hours which saved me a good £30 - Life saver!

Now what else can I find for her to make ...

Crêpe Lucette
Crêpe Lucette


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