After yet another wardrobe clear out over the weekend, it occurred to me that my autumn/winter wardrobe was not quite up to scratch. I've updated it with a few pieces over the past couple of months with your basics like jeans and cute tops alongside a couple bits of knitwear but it was lacking those gorgeous warm tones that scream out 'autumn'.

With my hectic schedule at work I just wasn't feeling going out shopping, plus I wanted to be able to create a wish list to really think about what I needed and liked. The whole capsule wardrobe has sprung to mind recently which has got me thinking do I really need items that I pick up in store or put in my basket online.

Some people can go over the top with their wishlist and yeah I have been that person who put three jumpers on there in the past with six different pairs of shoes etc but I really wanted to think long and hard about the last few items I wanted to add to my wardrobe.

Firstly, I looked into the shades that are me, that go with my skin tone, hair colour etc and that was the deep berry shades and dark greens alongside black, grey and white. After this I wanted to think what items am I lacking and that is a pinafore dress which is totally on trend right now and how I haven’t jumped onto the back of that bandwagon I do not know. My favourite item of clothing would probably be skirts, they are so easy to dress and perfect for day to day life and work too, a simple A-Line skirt is something that I can justify having multiples of in my wardrobe, again picking this up in a deep berry shade is perfect for the autumnal months.

I tend to go on websites that stock a range of brands on there like Lyst or Asos; Asos is fab at looking through the high street brands where as Lyst gives you the option to search for designer too.

I’m not one to shop designer but when it comes to the winter months, I do like to spend a little more on my footwear and coats as you pay for quality and they will last much longer.

I also have a little scroll through the department stores websites too such as Selfridges and Debenhams around the winter months to check what footwear and outerwear they are stocking; again I’d rather spend a little more on quality than having to throw some boots away after a month because they are letting in water. Plus having everything in one place makes creating a wishlist so much easier!

I chose the white top from a brand called 'Weekday', I have heard bits about it before but not really thought of buying from them and I am excited to see what else they have as it is reasonably priced. I cannot justify spending a lot on my basics, most of the time I will just pop into my local Primark or H&M because at the end of the day I will end up throwing these out after a couple of months as they get worn so much.

The top is perfect to match with either the skirt or the pinafore and I just think it would look cute with the cream trainers from KG. I am loving trainers at the moment, the couple pairs that are glued to my feet are either my green Nikes or my baby pink Converse; I cannot get enough of them!

Finally, what is a wishlist if I don’t include a pair of sunglasses, if you have been following Little Talks for a while you will know that I have quite an unhealthy obsession with sunglasses, I must buy a new pair every season and well you still need to rock them in winter. I chose these Fendi ones as I loved the metal frame work around the top corner of the lenses it adds that quirky vibe to them (although I am not sure I am cool enough for them). 

Alice xxx

Shirt: River Island, Blazer: River Island, Shoes: River Island, Belt: Primark, Skirt: Forever 21

Since when did waist belts suddenly become ‘a thing’? Well I am guessing we have the spring/summer trend and Gucci to thank for this and I am certainly not hating on the much improved look.
Ok, ok, I hear you, it isn’t all down to Gucci but their cute black leather belt with the ‘GG’ buckle has clearly had a huge impact on fashion lovers, especially bloggers over the past couple of months to get the trend circulating. 17-year old Alice will be grinning from ear to ear if she knew that waist belts would once again become popular. I still remember trying to get away with rocking a brown (yes a beige and dark brown) elasticated waist belt with my navy blue winter coat and oh boy did I think I looked good.

Fast forward to 24-year old Alice ~ present day ~ still cringing at my awful faux pas and cannot understand why I am currently retelling my cringey style moments of being a teenager. But I am a huge fan of the trend; I have been loving rocking a cute small black leather belt with a shift dress or cinching in a looser fitting item to show off my curves.

I could never pull off this silky oversized shirt, it is quite a boxy fit which isn’t the best style for my body shape. Instead of throwing it away or handing it over to charity I tried to rejuvenate the style by adding my little black belt around the waist – I kinda like it. I love how it is simple and quite demure so it doesn’t look out of place or stupid.  
Are you a fan of a waist belt?

Alice xxx

Dress: Zara, Heels: Primark

There is nothing better than discovering an item of clothing you forgot you had in your wardrobe resulting in a whole new outfit without having to step out of the door or even spend a single penny.

I've discussed before that I am a repeat offender when it come to repeating an outfit and if you are on a budget then that is what you gotta do. If it is good enough for the Duchess of Cambridge then I think it is good enough for us! 

This week I stumbled across this black and white woven dress from Zara at my parents house and obviously forgot it ever existed - which will teach me that I should have a wardrobe clear out before I purchase anything else. Clearly I got all excited as I had a brand new outfit for work the next day - you could say it my new uniform for a new term (month) at school. 

Unfortunately for me I haven't had the six weeks off, it has been six weeks of working near enough six days a week - not one to complain though!! It's made me think that even though I left full time education three years ago I still get the nerves and excitement for everyone else going back to school/college/university. Maybe the new month, darker nights, colder weather and the countdown to the festive period is giving me all the feels and I want to revamp my wardrobe a little. 

Going back to this particular outfit, I've never been one to venture to work wearing a fitted dress but I felt so comfortable in it - not going to lie, when I saw it on the hanger I did think it was more of a shift dress! 

I just love how it is the perfect day to night look, you can rock it with a pair of tights and flats for work and then swap your flats to heels and voila you are ready for a night on the town. 

Have you recently discovered something you forgot you owned? 

Alice xxx

Top: Levis, Trousers: Zara, Heels: Dorothy Perkins, Jacket: H&M, Watch: Michael Kors

Anyone else ready to admit that they are a hoarder or is it just me willing to throw their arms in the air? I don't know how many times I try and have a clear out and tell myself that I will be able to part ways with certain items, but for some reason they always find their way back into my wardrobe! I just don't know how it happens but there are stories behind every item of clothing that you cannot forget. 

Luckily for us there are positives to being a hoarder, we liven world of fast fashion which isn't the best for our bank accounts but at some point every trend will return in the future and we have a wardrobe all set for it. 

Slogan tee's fit perfectly into this category! I mean talk about revolving fashion, it has only been a few years ago we were walking around with 'Geek' written on our t-shirts and jumpers. I'll just put it out there that I jumped on that bandwagon - I do feel kind of embarrassed looking back! I practically ran to Topshop to ensure that I got my hands on one of those tops as I didn't want to miss out and they were what in fashion for the whole of three months?! 

Luckily the style of slogan tee's have shifted and have a sense of sophistication and a luxe vibe, plus we cannot forget the designer ones too! 

I'm yet to get my hands on the Gucci one, I am obsessed with it, I just love the vintage vibe and how you can dress it up for nights out (not that I ever go out, but you know it is good to have the option). It inspired me to go rooting through my drawers as somewhere at the bottom was my trusty Levis top, I mean it is the same as Gucci right?!

My style was a little dull back in the day so I only used to wear this top with a pair of jeans, how else would I wear it? I've become a little more experimental with my fashion and I am getting to the point where I don't really care how mixing colours/prints/styles up, I'm discovering the fun side of style and I like it!!

Alice xxx

I am finally getting around to sitting down and writing a blog post, Little-Talks has been slightly neglected the past month or so, not intentionally I may add. It is funny because I have seen a rise in the amount of hits each page has had, I’m not sure whether it was down to the amazing opportunity I had in working with the Towel Shop or people actually think my content is interesting.... that is something to be debated!

It is so lovely to see that more people are coming across my little space on the internet, it is still a hobby of mine and one I thoroughly enjoy (even if there are many arguments during the photo sessions). It will always be a hobby, by no means is the growth anywhere near most blogs out there but it is not a competition at all and that is key thing to remember when joining the community.
However, I’ll admit that I haven’t completely disappeared, I have just got a new found love for my YouTube channel and found myself putting all my dedication into that. If you didn’t know I had one ... well you kinda do now and I would love for you to pop over and check it out, (bit of self promo, why not!)

I have really enjoyed creating content on there, which is quit new to me as I have struggled with coming up with fun and engaging videos but for some reason my min keeps going off on a tangent and I keep getting all these ideas; certainly not complaining at all. Does anyone always get their brainwaves when they have either gone to bed or are in the shower?!

By no means do I feel my videos are as high of a standard as I would like them to be, but it is still a massive learning curve for me. It doesn’t miraculously happen overnight, a nice steady growth and improvement is the key and remember it isn’t a competition. I’m still working on that lighting, not saying ‘errm’ as much and those thumbnails; how are they sooooo difficult to create?

It is a hobby and one I thoroughly enjoy but it isn’t a walk in the park especially when you are working around a 9-5 job and sometimes work six days a week. I’ll admit that there are times I just want to cave in and that pretty much stems around receiving comments from individuals that can hurt and make you feel worthless but there are so many lovely comments and supportive people out there that outweigh that.

So I guess time will tell as to how well this juggling act continues... I for one am enjoying that challenge!

Alice xxx 

Ever since we bought our first home last September, I have become obsessed with interiors and interior design and making a blank canvas into something homely and has our identity stamped all over it.

Looking back, my love for interiors probably goes back to 2015 when we were living in a flat, with it being rented it meant there were quite a few restrictions of what we could and couldn’t do which is quite tricky but I am so glad I can go OTT with my ideas now.

We are extremely fortunate to have moved into a new build and have been part of the process since before a brick or concrete and even been laid. It was so exciting that we got to choose what tiles we wanted in the bathrooms, what flooring we wanted and the combination of kitchen cupboards and the worktop. For me, the exciting part of it all was once we had moved in and got the furniture in the correct places (that was pretty stressful – well apart from the flat packs, I am a bit of a dab hand at them). The best bit was to play house and add those little accessories to give it our personality giving you that warm fuzzy feeling – oh and an empty bank account I might add.

Even though we have been living in the house for around 10 months now there is still so much more to do, we are nowhere near finished and I don’t think you will ever be as there is always something you want to change or to add. For starters we don’t even have our wardrobe finished in our main room as we just don’t have a clue on the style we want.

However, I thought it was about time that I shared a few snippets of my favourite parts of my house, I don’t think I’ll ever share it all, some parts you want to keep personal and private but I will certainly share with you most parts. I for one am a huge fan of scrolling blog posts, Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, much to Martyn’s despair.

The irony is, as I am writing this blog post, my house has been turned upside down after trying to transport a huge wardrobe upstairs after we purchased it in the Next sale at the weekend. Life lesson of the week ... if you buy furniture in the sale and they are ex display you have to collect them yourself oh and they are fully built too.

When you moved home, did you find a love for interiors too?

Alice xxx
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