I’ve written the start to this blog post so many times and yet I cannot find the right words to put down so I guess I am just going with the flow, babbling on and hoping for the best – but I get that is what blog posts are for right?
P.S. not exactly sure what these images are to do with what I am actually writing about but I just love the style that my photos are going at the moment and was dying to share them with you. 

Let’s start with a rhetorical question: Isn’t it weird that when you go on holiday, a change of scenery and climate does you wonders and you always end up thinking about things... well life in general!! Yeah this has happened to me, who would have guessed that haha.

I felt extremely fortunate to be able to jet off twice in October with a trip to LA and cheeky lil’ visit to Vegas and then a family holiday to Rome, it was my fist holiday in around four years so you can definitely say it did me the world of good.

I am forever going on about being stuck in a rut, but actually I don’t think I am, I just believe I am growing up and coming to grips with how I want or should I say I would like to pan out and start making my own memories which is something that I touched upon in a recent Instagram post. Yes a holiday made me realise all of this, what a surprise. 

Dress: Primark, Sunglasses: Primark, Boots: Asos, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Thomas Sabo, Pandora 

During our visit to LA, Martyn (if you are wondering who he is, he’s by other half), decided to pop the question and we are now engaged! I guess we are now officially grownups?

Here’s a little insight into how it happened:
On our fifth anniversary we took a trip to the Warner Bros studio and on the tour there was the Friends Central Perk set. Whilst sat on the famous orange settee (all minus an audience – the perks of having friends in the right places) Martyn got down on one knee to ask me, it could not be any more perfect to our relationship.

A little back story, after me and Martyn met, every night we would sit down and watch Friends from the very first episode right through to the last.

I guess my blog might take a new direction slightly with wedding bits and bats but I hope you don’t mind. It will still be heavily fashion and beauty based, don’t worry, this is probably what my whole blog post is what I have being trying to get at. I don’t over share personal bits but I hoped you enjoyed getting to know me a little better and looking forward to my future posts.

Alice xxx

Jumpsuit: George at Asda, Duster Jacket: Primark, Shoes: Primark 

How far into October can we justify the topic/discussion of transitioning our wardrobe from summer to autumn as the temperatures are all over the place at the moment? Surely I can drag it on another week or two right?

The hardest part of styling an outfit at the moment is deciding on the outerwear for the day, as I mentioned before the temperatures keep rising as the day goes on. I could leave for work in a morning needing my thick winter coat and then when I leave it is pretty much t-shirt weather.
I am a fan of layering, it is my go to throughout the last four months of the year, as the temperatures fluctuates so much it is nice to know that you are rarely too hot or too cold. Hence my reasoning of trying a duster jacket for the first time.

I’ve got to say that I have mixed feelings regarding duster jackets, more so the longer length ones. Don’t get me wrong I think you can find absolutely beautiful ones and whenever I see someone rocking one I always think they look effortlessly stylish and then when I try one on I feel like I am wearing a bin bag and look so shapeless.

This particular one from Primark has been in my wardrobe for some time now and it I thought it would go perfectly with this jumpsuit I owned and to be fair I quite like the way this outfit looked. 

I'm not going to lie, I was so out of my comfort zone wearing this with these cut out boots and duster jacket (I think it was the jacket) but it took 10 whole minutes before I dared to step foot out of the front door! I know, I know, I really need to sort myself out. After looking back at the photos I kinda like the way I styled it up and would actually venture out somewhere other than to take photos in it.

I’d love to hear how you style up a duster jacket.

Alice xxx

Top: Primark, Jeans: New Look, Jacket: New Look, Boots: Zara 

This post is something a little different to what I usually do and I am sorry if you thought I was going to be discussing an item of clothing I am wearing in these images – on a side note how cute is this checked peplum top?

I am by no means moaning or a rant, I absolutely love what I do right now and I would not change it for the world but I have been silently facing a few stumbling blocks on a personal basis for a few years now.

Don’t worry it isn’t a burns book or a dear diary section where I pour my whole life story out (I am actually a very boring person) but I wanted to discuss a few issues that are getting in the way of blogging and potentially allowing to grow my blog.

Let’s face it I am an extremely shy and well socially awkward person, I have got better as the years have gone on – seen as both my blog and job is in the public eye and well I gotta talk to people. For me, this isn’t an issue regarding strangers or how I come across to businesses/ brands and the blogging community it is more based on expressing the true me around people I have come across in my life in the past.

This isn’t a dig at anyone at all, I love everyone I know they are so supportive and the best people you can be around but I am just so nervous about sharing this part of my life with people. I don’t know why but to live your life posing in front of a camera or talking to a camera on your own seems a little weird, do they think I’m vain or just trying to be a person I’m not?

To be fair, it isn’t exactly the people I am close with it more like people I have come across in my life throughout the years and I work in the sport industry so I also worry what if these people find out and just sit there and laugh?

My biggest fear right now is Instagram stories – yeah you hear that right! All I want to do is talk on camera about products that I have just discovered or push my latest post or video without worrying what people will think. Will they sit there and laugh or gossip about me or think I look or sound stupid?

Deep down I know I sound pathetic, I should stop worrying about what people think and just be me. Why should I stop what I love just because I am a socially nervous and awkward individual?
Anyway, I have been blabbing for some time now and I didn’t want to go off on a rant, if you have made it this way then I applaud you. I just wanted to know if anyone else is in the same boat or not?

Thank you for your continued support!!

Alice xxx

Blazer: Primark, Skirt: Topshop, Top: Next, Watch: Michael Kors, Shoes: Primark, Bracelets: Pandora, Thomas Sabo

I have been the owner of quite the blazer collection for a few years now and boy am I happy that I fell in love with that trend as a teenager - it is probably the only thing that isn't embarrassing about my past fashion sense. 

As my style has evolved (thank god!) my love for blazers has strengthened, I think I have owned every style possible but I reach for the longer length blazers to wear with dresses or the more structured blazer. 

Much to my delight blazers are quite the trend for this autumn and I managed to pick up this khaki military style from Primark (they have loads in store right now!). If I am brutally honest I struggled to style this together, I'm not sure if it is my body shape but I just couldn't feel 100% comfortable which ever way I tried to piece this together. However, on Saturday something clicked, I knew I wanted to wear all black and I loved how this khaki shade gave that autumnal pop of colour! 

Are you loving blazers? 

Alice xxx

Shirt: River Island, Blazer: River Island, Shoes: River Island, Belt: Primark, Skirt: Forever 21

Since when did waist belts suddenly become ‘a thing’? Well I am guessing we have the spring/summer trend and Gucci to thank for this and I am certainly not hating on the much improved look.
Ok, ok, I hear you, it isn’t all down to Gucci but their cute black leather belt with the ‘GG’ buckle has clearly had a huge impact on fashion lovers, especially bloggers over the past couple of months to get the trend circulating. 17-year old Alice will be grinning from ear to ear if she knew that waist belts would once again become popular. I still remember trying to get away with rocking a brown (yes a beige and dark brown) elasticated waist belt with my navy blue winter coat and oh boy did I think I looked good.

Fast forward to 24-year old Alice ~ present day ~ still cringing at my awful faux pas and cannot understand why I am currently retelling my cringey style moments of being a teenager. But I am a huge fan of the trend; I have been loving rocking a cute small black leather belt with a shift dress or cinching in a looser fitting item to show off my curves.

I could never pull off this silky oversized shirt, it is quite a boxy fit which isn’t the best style for my body shape. Instead of throwing it away or handing it over to charity I tried to rejuvenate the style by adding my little black belt around the waist – I kinda like it. I love how it is simple and quite demure so it doesn’t look out of place or stupid.  
Are you a fan of a waist belt?

Alice xxx
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