Ever since we bought our first home last September, I have become obsessed with interiors and interior design and making a blank canvas into something homely and has our identity stamped all over it.

Looking back, my love for interiors probably goes back to 2015 when we were living in a flat, with it being rented it meant there were quite a few restrictions of what we could and couldn’t do which is quite tricky but I am so glad I can go OTT with my ideas now.

We are extremely fortunate to have moved into a new build and have been part of the process since before a brick or concrete and even been laid. It was so exciting that we got to choose what tiles we wanted in the bathrooms, what flooring we wanted and the combination of kitchen cupboards and the worktop. For me, the exciting part of it all was once we had moved in and got the furniture in the correct places (that was pretty stressful – well apart from the flat packs, I am a bit of a dab hand at them). The best bit was to play house and add those little accessories to give it our personality giving you that warm fuzzy feeling – oh and an empty bank account I might add.

Even though we have been living in the house for around 10 months now there is still so much more to do, we are nowhere near finished and I don’t think you will ever be as there is always something you want to change or to add. For starters we don’t even have our wardrobe finished in our main room as we just don’t have a clue on the style we want.

However, I thought it was about time that I shared a few snippets of my favourite parts of my house, I don’t think I’ll ever share it all, some parts you want to keep personal and private but I will certainly share with you most parts. I for one am a huge fan of scrolling blog posts, Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, much to Martyn’s despair.

The irony is, as I am writing this blog post, my house has been turned upside down after trying to transport a huge wardrobe upstairs after we purchased it in the Next sale at the weekend. Life lesson of the week ... if you buy furniture in the sale and they are ex display you have to collect them yourself oh and they are fully built too.

When you moved home, did you find a love for interiors too?

Alice xxx
Dressing Gown*: The Towel Shop 

*Disclaimer: I received this Luxury Towelling Dressing Gown from The Towel Shop to try at home for the purpose of the review. All opinions are entirely my own! I was also offered the opportunity to giveaway a luxury towelling dressing gown of the colour of the winner's choice. 

I was so happy when The Towel Shop got in touch with me and asked if I wanted to try one of their dressing gowns, and I jumped at the chance as there is nothing better than relaxing and having a lazy morning in your pjs snuggled into your dressing gown. 

This particular one is from their Egyptian Collection and is the Luxury Towelling Dressing Gown - oh and they also do one with a hood too!! I love a good dressing gown, these are items that you certainly cannot have enough of and I love having a range of different styles from the super fluffy ones to the towelling bathrobes that you can throw on after having a bath or shower to dry in. 

It has been years since I have worn a towelling bathrobe and let's face it, the quality of towelling now has drastically improved, long gone the rough fabric that left you scratched for days, now it is much more softer and delicate on the skin and this particular bathrobe ticks all them boxes!! 

This particular robe is pretty oversized which I love, there is nothing worse than wearing a dressing gown/bathrobe where it is quite a snug fit; there is nothing comfy and relaxing about this! All I wanted to do was to wrap Lenny up with me and cuddle on the settee for hours - he was having non of that may I add! 

I am pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this robe and how much I have reached for it the past couple of weeks, well that is if I can beat my boyfriend to wearing it. I would definitely recommend you to pick one of these if you are on the hunt for a towelling bathrobe!!


The Towel Shop have been ever so kind and given me the opportunity to give away one of their Egyptian Collection Luxury Towelling Dressing Gown to one of my viewers. The best thing about it is that you get to pick your own colour!!

Good Luck!!

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Alice xxx

I've got to admit that I am surprised with the quality of Kylie Jenner Cosmetics, I know I am only going off a small array of products but I just love them!

It took me a long time to jump on the hype, it was purely down to the shipping costs and then the extra payments once it reached the post office that put me off, I cannot justify spending that amount of money for one products. But I guess if you buy in bulk or are just beauty obsessed then it is kinda worth it.

I literally have no bad word to say whatsoever and this hardly ever happens (ok, ok, there is one and that is the products look far too pretty to use). 

Let's just start with discussing the packaging; it is extremely simple, sleek and eye catching plus it is very girly - these are the products you want to have on show.

The lip products are all creamy and nourishing when applying, they do apply a little tacky especially the matte lipstick, however, they do soak into the lips well. I've got the matte lipstick in shade High Maintenance, it is the most gorgeous pink shade you ever did see. I did get a little worried when I first applied it because it was a cool blue tone but the shade switched to the gorgeous pink.

I am equally surprised with the quality of the lip pencils, sometimes they can be quite hard and you feel like you are dragging your lip which is one of the worst feelings. But these are lovely and creamy they blend beautifully and last all day which is what you want for the price you pay.

Finally, lets discuss the blusher. Oh my, this is absolutely stunning, it has to be my favourite beauty product in a long, long time. Being very fair skinned I don't suit anything too bright or drastic so a nice subtle pale pink blush is perfect for my skin tone but if you are going for that tanned look it also looks gorgeous being swept across the apples of your cheeks. 

Have you tried any Kylie Jenner Cosmetics before?

Alice xxx

For the past few weeks as the weather has been absolutely glorious, I have switched up my make up products particularly the beauty products I use on my base. 

Obviously I have had to cave in and start the tanning process (fake tan I should add) seen as it is dress weather and nobody wants another Casper the Friendly Ghost walking around. Along with tanning, I have also switched up my foundation and have been reaching for the darker shades, my favourite thing to do is to mix L'Oreal Infallible 24h Foundation and the L'Oreal Infallible 24h Matte Foundation in shade 20 sand. and together to try to get the perfect match. 

For some reason, with the nicer weather and applying fake tan my skin has cleared up drastically which means I don't have to cake on the concealer which is always a bonus. For the darker and pigmented skin, I have been using the darker shade in the Make Up Revolution Pro HD Camouflage Concealer Palette and then the Collection Perfection Concealer in shade 1 to brighten up my under eye. 

To set it all, I have been loving my Laura Mercier Sheer Perfecting Powder in shade..., I gently sweep it over my face to set the foundation and concealer before going over with my Benefit Hoola Bronzer to add that sunkissed look - because you can never have enough bronzer. 

All of these products work so well together and blend lovely over my tan to create a flawless base ready for the blush and highlight. The two blushers I have been reaching for recently has been either the Kylie Jenner blusher in Barely Legal or the Benefit Blusher in Rockateur on the apples of my cheeks before going in with the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle.

I have really loved using all of these products and creating this particular look recently, giving me the the look that I have just stepped off the plane but really I have a 9-5 office job. (I think I know which I would prefer) 

For anyone wondering what tan I have been using, it is the St Moritz mousse in medium. 

What products have you been loving recently?

Alice xxx

Dress: Zara, Tights: Primark, Boots: Zara, Watch: Michael Kors

I've had these pictures saved in this blog post for a couple of weeks now and just had no idea of what to write alongside them, it was so tempting to just post the pictures out on their own but what is a blog post without words?! 

I struggle to buy clothes for work, I believe it is down to the fact that I am not exactly comfortable in my body at the moment, in this day and age why should I be so concerned by the way I look but unfortunately it can be quite tricky to change the way you feel about things - one day I hope I can get up in a morning and not be bothered with my look, shape and size. However, this bambling is for another day!

Work wear for me are structured items; structured shirts, pencil skirts and smart black trouser which aren't exactly the most comfortable fabric and don't suit my body shape. We live in 2017 and really, we don't have to follow suit, you can wear exactly what you want to wear (obviously within reason). 

Zara have pulled out all the stops with this beauty, just look how cute the frill is!! I actually saw this dress on Instagram and immediately had to own it I just love how the pop of orange breaks up the black and grey. It is quite thin fabric so perfect for the cooler summer days, I wore it with tights but it would look stunning bare legged with a pair of heels or sandals. 

Alice xxx

Jumper: George at Asda, Denim Shirt: Topshop, Leggings: Topshop, Trainers: Converse 

Last weekend I turned the ripe old age of 24 I know that is still young but when you are suffering with sciatica and a bulging disc in your back it makes you feel so much older. 

This may sound pretty random but being 23 was a little weird for me, I felt like I was in limbo; it doesn't seem like you can legitimately call yourself an adult but yet you have gone past the age where you can still say you are a student or young enough to get away with things... i.e. plenty of nights out or full days binging on tv shows and films. Being 24 years old makes it feel like it is more acceptable to announce you are a fully fledged adult and it is normal to have a mortgage and dog. Or is this just me?

Turning 24 I thought I would share with you 10 random facts about me, I know I blog a lot but I don't share too much about my personal life so here goes...

1. Lets start with the obvious, I bought my first house last year with my boyfriend who I met in second year at university, we moved in in October. Since having our own place I have become pretty obsessed with interiors.

2. We have a pug called Lenny, he's absolutely adorable but extremely cheeky for 10 months old. Whoever said owning a puppy would be fun and a walk in the park so wrong but I certainly wouldn't change him for the world.

3. I studied Sports Journalism as university, I absolutely love writing and have always been a fan of watching sport so I decided to put two and two together and now work for a rugby league club as a media manager. 

4. I may like watching sport but I detest anything to do with exercise, I am a member of a gym but hardly ever go. In fact I am writing this post just after attempting a run which lasted the whole of 10 minutes haha!

5.  You might not like me after this, so apologies in advance but I am really not a fan of Disney movies!! I think it is down to them being animated, I am hoping I will love all the remakes as Beauty and the Beast was incredible.

6.  My favourite alcoholic beverage has to be Prosecco and lots of the stuff, I am really excited to get my hands on the stuff that turns it glittery and pink. 

7. Saying that, I would rather have a night in with a takeaway and a cuppa watching a film than a night on the town. 

8. I have only recently just got lash extensions, I go for the Nouveau lashes which last around 3-4 weeks before getting infills. I cannot believe how much time I save in a morning when getting ready, they are a life saver. 

9. Family is really important to me, I have two older sisters who I am extremely close to. We chat nonsense pretty much every single day, if people read our messages they must think we are crazy but it is what gets you through the day. 

10. Finally, I am obsessed with shopping, I don't think I go through the week without a trip into town or doing a bit of online shopping. It's not good for the bank account but at least I have a happy and healthy wardrobe haha! 

 I hope you enjoyed this post, it is something a little different but I wanted to let you guys get to know me that little more. 

Alice xxx 

Top: & Other Stories, Skirt: New Look, Jacket: Primark, Boots: Zara, Sunglasses: River Island, Bag: Topshop 

As we have hit the 1st May; yes how are we almost half way through 2017 already?! (I am sure I say this every time we enter a new month). We are so close to officially entering Summer and yet most of us who live in Britain are not exactly basking in any glorious sunshine and heatwaves, we are still wrapping up nice and warm in out winter knits and ankle boots which is slightly depressing to say the least.

But I thought it was about time that I added a few more, or should I say just adding pretty pastel shades into my wardrobe to actually make me feel like we are entering the summer months. As you will all be very well aware that my style is pretty much monochrome with the odd pattern thrown in on a rare occasion, pastel shades are something that I struggle with.

Having a pale skin tone makes it quite difficult to style pastel shades, they make me look washed out and quite frankly very ill so I steer clear of them. There are other ways to add them into my style and that is through accessories - plus it doesn't make me feel like I am trying too hard or being mutton dressed as lamb (well I hope not anyway).

This gorgeous blue rucksack from Topshop perfectly adds that pop of colour to this outfit, it brings out the blue speckles in my top. It wouldn't be something that I thought of going out and buying for myself but my boyfriend obviously knows me better than I know myself and he bought me it for my birthday and I am in love it is stunning!!

Alice xxx

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